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RNC Chair Steele Tries to Take Credit for 2010 Tea Party Success

-By Warner Todd Huston If nothing else has proven that Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele is not in tune with the GOP today, his recent statements on the Tea Party movement should serve as exhibit number one. Showing that he has no clue the effect that the Tea Party movement had on the 2010... Read more »

RNC Launches No More Frankens Website

-By Warner Todd Huston There is little doubt that Al Franken’s namesake is a perfect analogy because he is certainly a Frankenstein of a Senator. When he barely won the Senate seat for the Democrats in Minnesota over incumbent Norm Coleman several years ago it was painfully obvious that major improprieties and problems marred that... Read more »

Lefty Conspiracy of the Day: *GASP* RNC Convention Logo Has Muslim Minaret in it!

-By Warner Todd Huston The extremist, left-wing site Talking Points Memo (better known as TPM) thought it had a zinger of a story about the “RNC’s 2012 convention logo.” The logo, TPM crows, seems to have *GASP* a Muslim minaret in it. TPM even helpfully added a copy of the logo with a nice red... Read more »