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11 Illinois Republicans That Support Illegal Immigrant DREAM Act

-By Warner Todd Huston When a communist newspaper celebrates the actions of Republicans, well, what more do you need to know how far off base a vote is? The People’s World is all excited about the fact that 11 Illinois State Senators voted to give freebie “scholarships” to illegal aliens to attend Illinois universities and... Read more »

Follow Up: Frightened Mexican Business Owners Look To Immigrate to USA

-By Warner Todd Huston Yesterday I wrote of how stricter immigration laws in the US are scaring away Mexico’s low-skilled, uneducated masses from wanting to come to the USA. I mentioned it was a good thing that the dregs of Mexico are staying in Mexico. Today I celebrate another story that reports that some of... Read more »

Mexican's Increased Suspicion of USA Over Immigration Laws

-By Warner Todd Huston According to the Christian Science Monitor Mexicans might be becoming “reticent about taking that midnight train to Georgia” and emigrating to America whether illegally or not. All this because of new, more stringent immigration laws being enacted in the various states, Georgia being only the latest example. The bill, which Gov.... Read more »

DREAM Act Passes House: The Eight Republicans that Voted for it

-By Warner Todd Huston Want to dispense some bile? Well here are the names of the eight Republicans that just voted “yes” on the DREAM Act (HR 6497). Even worse are the eleven that didn’t vote at all. Ahn “Joseph” Cao, Louisiana Mike Castle, Delaware Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Florida Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida Charles... Read more »

UN Climate Summit, Cancun, Mexico: Climate Conmen Sending You Back 100 Years

-By Warner Todd Huston As most of you know last week I was down in Cancun, Mexico reporting on the U.N. Climate Change Summit (officially called COP16/CMP6). It was several days of sun, surf, and U.N. conmen. I am back in the saddle here at home but Friday I went from the warm white sands... Read more »

The Con in Cancun: UN Climate Change Summit Update

-By Warner Todd Huston I am here in Cancun, Mexico investigating the U.N. Climate Change Conference to see what sort of wonderful solutions to save our very planet are being planned for all of us here in sunny Mexico. It’s always nice that we can come to save the planet… at a nice resort hotel... Read more »

UN Climate Summit: The Con in Cancun

-By Warner Todd Huston In but a few hours I’ll be headed to Chicago’s O’Hare airport to wing my way to sunny Cancun to do a few days reporting on the U.N. Climate Change Summit. As is my luck in life, sunny Cancun will be rainy Cancun if the weatherman is to be believed. Of... Read more »

New Film 'Machete': Cynical Exploitation of America's Racial Troubles

-By Warner Todd Huston The new film Machete is born of a joke. No, really. In 2006 when Quentin Tarantino was gearing up for his double feature movie experience Grindhouse, he solicited other directors and even the fans to make fake trailers for bad 70’s exploitation moves. These trailers were shown between the two features... Read more »

Enemies to Our Country in the Classroom

-By Warner Todd Huston These “frail racist white people” better beware of La Raza “forefront of the revolution,” at least so says Mexican racist and hatemonger Ron Gochez. Ordinarily we would all just roll our eyes at yet another half-wit, violence pusher that wants to destroy the USA and everything it stands for. But Mr.... Read more »

Calif. School Bans American Flag Clothing For Non-Existent Mexican Holiday?

-By Warner Todd Huston California schools really do hate America. In California apparently you are a bad little boy if you wear to school clothing adorned with the good ol’ Red, White and Blue. You get thrown out, in fact. At least that is what happened to several patriotic American boys that attend Comunidad Educativa... Read more »