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Daley Buddy Not Billed for Years of Water Use

-By Warner Todd Huston Apparently some of Daley’s buddies never paid for their water use being fortunate enough to have City Hall pick up the tab. As the era of Daley winds down these sort of stories will continue to eek out, but it shows the illicit nature of the Daley Democrat machine in the... Read more »

ICarry Takes Chicago and Mayor Daley Back to Court!!

From ICarry.org… Executive Director Shaun Kranish writes: Although the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in McDonald that Chicago has violated an individual and fundamental right to keep and bear arms by having an outright ban on pistols (and for decades this ban did not apply to Chicago aldermen and other criminals), Daley and... Read more »

Publius Podcast: Fisking the Chicago Sun-Times on Guns

Here is this week’s podcast. Hope you enjoy it…

Fisking the Chgo Sun-Times Anti-2nd Amendment Article

-By Warner Todd Huston The Sun-Times is Chicago’s left-wing, left-wing paper while the Chicago Tribune is but the city’s left-wing paper and pursuant to its agenda, the Sun-Times recently made to shore up support for Mayor “King” Daley’s attempt to eliminate the Second Amendment for his Chicago subjects with its headlined “More guns in city... Read more »

Federally Mandated Literacy Tests to Buy Newspapers, Religion Classes to Attend Churches, Others

-By Warner Todd Huston Democrats might be right. It’s obvious that Americans have become a stupid people. Our schools have disgorged students who have fallen to the bottom of the barrel in literacy, math and science scores, late-night comedians have no lack for citizens on the street that have no cue about law or history,... Read more »

Daley's Newest Stab at a Gun Ban

-By Warner Todd Huston Daley’s temper tantrum against guns continues, but at a much subdued pace. With its recent McDonald v the City of Chicago ruling the Supreme Court of the United States essentially made Daley’s outright gun ban unconstitutional so the mayor has had to retrench and come up with new onerous rules to... Read more »

2nd Amendment Rights Finally Considered a Right for Black Chicagoans Too!

-By Warner Todd Huston At long last the 2nd Amendment has been considered a personal right per the Supreme Court of the United States. In McDonald v the City of Chicago the Supreme Court has ruled in a 5 to 4 decision that Chicago’s gun banning laws are not in keeping with the right to... Read more »

Chicago Police Chief Struggles to Justify Daley Gun Ban

-By Warner Todd Huston Mick Dumke of the Chicago Reader had an interesting report on a recent press conference held by Chicago’s Police Chief, Jody Weis. Dumke said that during the presser Weis struggled to “explain how the gun ban is working” for Chicago. In other words, Weis was at a loss to prove that... Read more »

Chicago's Mayor Daley Must Want an 80-Year-Old to be Shot to Death?

-By Warner Todd Huston It’s no coincidence when Mayor Richard “King” Daley is all over the news sternly scolding 2nd Amendment supporters over their interest in upholding the U.S. Constitution after one of the gang thugs that lives in his city kills a kid or two (or 50 or more). He revels in these deaths... Read more »

Mayor Daley Wants Foreign Kangaroo Court to Rule in Chicago

-By Warner Todd Huston Mayor Richard “King” Daley has just earned his monarchical (or is that maniacal) nickname by announcing his desire to have a European “court” invade the U.S. and begin prosecuting American citizens for doing a legal, Constitutionally protected business in America. The despicable, mob-infested mayor of Chicago’s newest harebrained scheme in his... Read more »