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Demagogue In Chief Slams Corp. Jets After Spending Stimulus Money on Them?

-By Warner Todd Huston In his Wednesday presser on the state of the economy President Obama several times attacked those evil rich folks flying about in corporate jets saying that the filthy rich could “afford” higher taxes. But while he spent so much time slamming corporate jets today, back in 2009 the president was pushing... Read more »

Jon Stewart: Moderate or Thinly Veiled, Hard-Core, Left-Winger, With a Thin Patina of Objectivity Spread on Top?

-By Warner Todd Huston Steven Crowder rips the false “patina” of objectivity off hard-core leftist Jon Stewart by revealing an email that team Stewart sent him telling him that they will never hire a conservative for the Stewart show. Jon Stewart is just as biased as those he satirizes on his comedy show. And make... Read more »

Soros Funded MoveOn.Org Lies About Hacking Fox News Ticker

-By Warner Todd Huston What’s the best way to counter what you think are the lies coming from your opponents? Is it to make up lies of your own? Apparently MoveOn.org thinks so. On June 9, MoveOn admitted using lies, subterfuge and fraud to “counter” what they maintain is the wrong-headed thinking of Fox News.... Read more »

No Truth In Left's Wisconsin Union Support or Its State Budget Surplus Story

-By Warner Todd Huston First came the disgrace of supposedly intelligent teachers in Wisconsin sporting hundreds of signs calling Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker “Hitler” and now comes the entire liberal blogosphere and it’s echo chamber in the left-media establishment claiming that Gov. Walker has “ginned up” a budget shortfall when he actually has a budget... Read more »

PBS Sends Belated Valentine to MoveOn.org

-By Warner Todd Huston On February 18, our taxpayer-subsidized entertainers at PBS gave a little shoutout to one of their most stout supporters. On its Twitter feed on Friday, PBS heartily thanked the extremist left-wing activist group Moveon.org for its support in helping the broadcaster push for greater amounts of money from the pockets of... Read more »

Jimmy Carter: Liar Extraordinaire

-By Warner Todd Huston Every once in a while one must risk breaching decorum and call a spade a spade. In this case sentient people cannot avoid affirming the stark truth that former President Jimmy Carter is one of the world’s greatest liars. This melodious storyteller’s latest misconstruction of the truth comes from the Deseret... Read more »

For Liberals Deception is An Important Tactic

-By Warner Todd Huston Jonathan Strong of The Daily Caller

Lefty Media Matters Caught Editing Beck Audio Sherrod-Style

-By Warner Todd Huston You’ve got to hand it to the good folks at Mediaite. These guys are on top of everything in the media world. This time Mediaite has uncovered the fact that Media Matters, the left-biased media slanderers paid for by George Soros, have been caught doing precisely what they claimed that New... Read more »

Lobbyists Give Millions to Dems As Obama Smears 'Special Interests'

-By Warner Todd Huston Let’s go back to those hopey-changie days of the Obama campaign for president when he railed constantly against all those “special interests” and eeeevil lobbyists that he claimed were ruining the political process. Let us recall that once elected he claimed he’d have the “strictest ethics rules” of any president ever.... Read more »

Video: The Great Reneger

Worth reposting. Kinda catchy tune.