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Outrage: Democrats Bring Illegal Aliens to Austin to Testify at Education Hearing

Duke Machado, one of central Texas’ leading Hispanic Republican activists, went to Austin Wednesday to testify in favor of a bill that would cut off taxpayer-funded financial aid to illegal aliens. He was shocked at what he saw when state Democratic Sen. Judity Zarririni brought in her Iillegal immigrant) witnesses against the bill… …it’s obvious... Read more »

Warrantless Searches By Police of Your Cell Phone

-By Warner Todd Huston News during this past week a story made the rounds that police in Michigan may be using a device in random traffic stops that instantly copies all the data on your cell phone and stores it for later use by police. It was said that this data copying is going on... Read more »

Union Plan: 'Forget About the Law, Brand Businesses as Human Right Violators'

-By Warner Todd Huston Once again we see how lawless the Obama administration and its allies in unions are. By their own admission they don’t care about the law. In the following video we see Obama’s appointee to his Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations and United Auto Workers President, Bob King, telling attendees... Read more »

Bobby Unser: Race Car Driver, Celebrity... Criminal?

-By Warner Todd Huston Bobby Unser is famous for having won the Indy 500 three times and only one of two drivers that won that great race in three separate decades (’68, ’75, ’81). Unser has a long list of achievements in motor sports starting back in the early 1960s. But there is one achievement,... Read more »

Illinois Democrat's Attempt to Register Homeschoolers Like Criminals

-By Warner Todd Huston Treating homeschooled children like criminals that need to be tracked by the state, Democrat Illinois State Senator Ed Maloney of Chicago has introduced SB 136, a bill that requires all non-public school students to register with the State Board of Education. The summary of the bill reads: Amends the School Code.... Read more »

Want Proof That Our Legislature is too Often Filled With Idiots?

-By Warner Todd Huston The Chicago Tribune had one of those ubiquitous year-end pieces to inform us about how some thing or another ended up as the year came to a close. On Dec. 30 the Trib gave us a little round up of some of the really stupid, useless, pointless new laws that our... Read more »

Video: Constitution Hard for Lefties Because It's So Darn Old

-By Warner Todd Huston Well, it’s no wonder that leftists in America — you know, those folks that pretend to be Americans — have such a problem understanding the Constitution. It’s hard for them, you see, because… well… it’s old. This stark revelation was disgorged from the mouth of famed lefty blogger, and TV Wunderkind... Read more »

Dan Proft Says to Vote NO to Retain Judge Thomas Kilbride

Video sponsored by JustPAC.

The Law: Bought And Paid For By Unions

-By Warner Todd Huston The Chicago Public School system is out of money. Like every business in the real world one solution was to layoff workers, in this case some 700 teachers. In the real world that is the way the cookie crumbles. Such employees would put themselves on the market and look for new... Read more »

On Day French Gov't Bans Burkas, Bomb Threat Empties Eiffel Tower

-By Warner Todd Huston News is starting to make its way around the world that the Eiffel Tower received a bomb threat hours after the French Senate voted to ban the burka, the face coverings forced upon Muslim women. CNN is reporting that the Tower and the park surrounding it were evacuated Tuesday evening after... Read more »