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Obama White House Bans Newspaper For Printing a Mitt Romney Op Ed

-By Warner Todd Huston Apparently the Obama White House is not so fond of the Boston Herald. Well, maybe “not so fond” is too mild. More like furious. So mad, in fact, that the paper was banned by the White House from covering local visits by Obama and crew. The Boston Herald said “pretty please”... Read more »

Bill Gates Buys Attention of ABC News?

-By Warner Todd Huston On the heels of this Summer’s Old Media attack of News Corp’s donation of $1 million to the GOP, we discover that billionaire Bill Gates of Microsoft fame has given $1.5 million directly to ABC News so that they’ll cover his personal “news” issue; health conditions of the poor. Gates has... Read more »

This Just In: Washington Post's Milbank Admits He's a Lefty, But...

-By Warner Todd Huston It almost sounds like the set up to a “guy walks into a bar” joke — or maybe a knock-knock joke — but the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank made an assessment of his own political ideology that can’t help but draw a laugh. As WaPo columnist Howard Kurtz reports, Milbank is... Read more »

New York Times : Afraid of Gun Crazed, 'Motley Carnivals of the Tea Party Movement'

-By Warner Todd Huston The New York Times sent Mattathias Schwartz to find out what was going on at Jack Dailey’s firearms training camps across the country and what he found apparently made the writer fear that America was going to the lily white, revolutionary, tea party dogs. Schwartz went to learn about Jack Dailey’s... Read more »

Fox News To Get Front Row Seat in WH Briefing Room

-By Warner Todd Huston With the too-long-in-coming departure of the despicable Helen Thomas from the White House press room, newsies have been waiting with bated breath to find out who would get the seat she formerly wasted there. Fox News made its bid, of course, but many assumed that it would never happen. In fact,... Read more »

No Bias Zone: 'Journalist' Calls Tea Parties 'Right-Wing Bloodfeasts'

-By Warner Todd Huston One of my early blogging assignments was the media bias beat over at Newsbusters, so I became particularly attuned to picking up on how the Old Media toes that “unbiased” journalistic line. Unfortunately, in sometimes subtle ways their rhetoric is geared to smear Republicans in any way possible. Here is a... Read more »

Top Ten most Left-Biased American Journalists - #1: Helen Thomas, <i>UPI</i>/Independent

-By Warner Todd Huston We have finally reached the number one, most left-biased journalist in America today on our top ten count down and our most biased journo pick probably won’t surprise any of you. Even though she just “retired” due to her outrageous bias and hatred for Israel, we just have to give the... Read more »

Top Ten most Left-Biased American Journalists - #3: Paul Krugman, <i>The New York Times</i>

-By Warner Todd Huston Number three on our list almost violates the criteria that I set up in the first piece I wrote for this series. I said then that denizens of the Old Media that are too much a “cartoon of journalism” would not be included on my list. Yet despite my dismissal of... Read more »

Top Ten most Left-Biased American Journalists - #4: Chuck Todd, <i>NBC</i>

-By Warner Todd Huston All week we’ve been exploring America’s ten most left-biased working journalists and now we come to spot number four on the list. And so, for his close attention to pushing the spin and as one of the most active members of the Old Media’s Obama Butt Covering squad, we are pleased... Read more »

Top Ten most Left-Biased American Journalists - #5: Cynthia Tucker, <i>Atlanta Journal-Constitution</i>

-By Warner Todd Huston Welcome once again to our top ten most left-biased working journalist list and now it’s time for number five in the countdown. As we begin our downward slope to the number one most biased, it is fitting that we come to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Cynthia Tucker as our fifth worst, most... Read more »