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Obama's Government Denying Tax Status Based on Pro-Israeli Support?

-By Warner Todd Huston A pro-Israel education group called Z Street is claiming that Obama’s IRS has violated its Constitutional rights by denying it tax exempt status solely because it supports Israel, support that apparently runs counter to Obama’s stance on Israel. Z Street reports that Obama’s IRS asked a telling question of the group... Read more »

Did Bush Offer to Take 100,000 Palestinians Into the USA?

-By Warner Todd Huston Israel’s Haaretz news agency recently reported that on Sept. 19 former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that President George W. Bush promised to take in 100,000 Palestinian refugees, giving them automatic American citizenship in exchange for a mid east peace deal. Former prime minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday that the... Read more »

CNN's Zakaria Presents Hezbollah as a Model of Religious Tolerance

-By Warner Todd Huston Remembering that CNN’s President Jon Klein has touted its down-the-middle coverage and claims it is situated in the “center” of American politics, on a recent episode of Fareed Zakaria GPS, host Zakaria tried to claim that Lebanon’s terror group Hezbollah was some sort of model for religious tolerance. Someone should inform... Read more »

One Loud Jew Sends Media Spinning

-By Warner Todd Huston The newest faux outrage comes from the mouth of controversial Jewish Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. In a sermon from Israel, Rabi Yosef as much as called for God to commit genocide against the so-called Palestinians. I say “as much as” because he didn’t actually call for genocide, but he came awfully close... Read more »

Did Turkey Bomb Kurds With Chemical Weapons in 2009?

-By Warner Todd Huston News is just beginning to eek out that Turkey might have used chemical weapons to kill some Kurdish activists a year ago in the Kurdish area of southeastern Turkey. If this is true it could severely complicate relations between the EU and Turkey, an applicant for EU membership. Germany’s largest magazine,... Read more »

Obama's Weak Foreign Policy Shows Again

-By Warner Todd Huston Barack Obama once again shows his fecklessness and weakness in foreign policy with a decision by the State Department to allow the Palestinian Mission in Washington D.C. to fly the flag of its non-existent country. Recently the flag of the Palestinian Authority was authorized for display by the State Dept. even... Read more »

Video: 'The Three Terrors' Skewers Palestinian Supporters

The folks at the Hebrew language opinion and news site Latma have done it again. A new effort revealing the hypocrisy of the Palestinians and their slavish supporters across the world are skewered in yet another parody video. Based on Funiculi Funicula Sung by the Three Terrors: Erdogano Pavarotti, Assad Carreras and Ahmedido Domingo Erdogan.... Read more »

2nd District: Hayes Issues Position Paper on Israel

From the Hayes for Congress campaign (2nd District)… CHICAGO: Republican nominee for Illinois 2ndCongressional District Isaac Hayes released the following position paper on the relationship between America and Israel: Supporting Israel’s Right of Self-Defense The United States and Israel have a long and trusted friendship. I will continue to support this kind of strong and... Read more »

Vlog: News Analysis of 'We Con The World' Video Controversy

-By Warner Todd Huston This is my first vlog (that’s video blog for the uninitiated) using my new HD camera. I see I have to fix my lighting problem in the room I was using to record it in, but anyways… it was my first stab at it, so give me a break will ya?... Read more »

Terrorists Rejoice: YouTube Pulls Pro-Israeli Video

-By Warner Todd Huston In the week following the Israeli boarding of boats piloted by Turkish “peace activists” off the coast of Gaza Caroline Glick and the good folks at the Hebrew language Israeli news site Latma created a parody video skewering the violent actions perpetrated by those “peace activists” against members of the Israeli... Read more »