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Obama Wasting Billions Paying Off Buddies and Unions With Immigration Spending

-By Warner Todd Huston As Obama starts shipping tens of thousands of these illegal alien minors all across the nation to be housed in cities everywhere, your tax dollars follow them and some of this money is going to Obama‚Äôs pals in liberal organizations and unions to care for these children all paid for by... Read more »

Illinois Legislature Passes DREAM Act Giving Illegals Free College Education

-By Warner Todd Huston In a 61-53 vote in the Illinois House, an Illinois version of the DREAM Act (SB2185) has been passed and will be signed into law by accidental Governor Pat Quinn. The Illinois DREAM Act will provide free money for the children of illegal immigrants to go to state colleges and universities.... Read more »

Dem. Party Chair Mad that GOP wants to Make Being an Illegal Alien... er... Illegal

-By Warner Todd Huston Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a Democrat Congresswoman from Florida and is currently the head of the Democrat National Committee. She is also one of the most vitriolic, off base, half informed demagogues of the far left in America today. There are tons of examples of her lies and calumnies out... Read more »

Outrage: Democrats Bring Illegal Aliens to Austin to Testify at Education Hearing

Duke Machado, one of central Texas’ leading Hispanic Republican activists, went to Austin Wednesday to testify in favor of a bill that would cut off taxpayer-funded financial aid to illegal aliens. He was shocked at what he saw when state Democratic Sen. Judity Zarririni brought in her Iillegal immigrant) witnesses against the bill… …it’s obvious... Read more »

About That Big L.A. May Day Parade... A BIG Bust

-By Warner Todd Huston Remember that L.A. May Day parade? It was supposed to be a big deal, you know? You see, there was supposed to be 50,000 protesters marching in downtown Los Angeles to protest over how rotten the U.S. treats illegal immigrants. As JWF tells us, local LA TV was all about helping... Read more »

Rep. Gutierrez Threatens Not to Support Obama Re-election Over Immigration

-By Warner Todd Huston Chicago area Congressman Luis Gutierrez has been harping on the immigration issue for many years and since Obama was elected he has stepped up that activism. Gutierrez wants complete amnesty and an open border and he’s been unhappy with the Obama Administration for its lack of movement on the issue. Now... Read more »

Follow Up: Frightened Mexican Business Owners Look To Immigrate to USA

-By Warner Todd Huston Yesterday I wrote of how stricter immigration laws in the US are scaring away Mexico’s low-skilled, uneducated masses from wanting to come to the USA. I mentioned it was a good thing that the dregs of Mexico are staying in Mexico. Today I celebrate another story that reports that some of... Read more »

Mexican's Increased Suspicion of USA Over Immigration Laws

-By Warner Todd Huston According to the Christian Science Monitor Mexicans might be becoming “reticent about taking that midnight train to Georgia” and emigrating to America whether illegally or not. All this because of new, more stringent immigration laws being enacted in the various states, Georgia being only the latest example. The bill, which Gov.... Read more »

Kinzinger to Offer Amendment to Block Taxpayer Funding for DOJ Lawsuit against Arizona Immigration Law

From the office of Congressman Adam Kinzinger (11th District)… Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-11) will offer an amendment on the House floor that would eliminate taxpayer funding for the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) lawsuit filed against Arizona last July over its immigration enforcement law (SB 1070). Washington’s failure to secure borders, has... Read more »

Republicans Block DREAM Act, Another Old Media Lie

-By Warner Todd Huston The Old Media is up to its old tricks again, this time making the GOP the fall guy for the failure of the latest immigration bill. Nearly every news outlet is reporting that the Republicans have blocked the DREAM Act, many of these reports even say so right in the headline.... Read more »