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Thanks Democrats, Illinois Fails Again: Worst in Midwest for Private Sector Job Creation

-By Warner Todd Huston I have been chronicling all the major failures of the once great state of Illinois and this week we have yet another one. A new tabulation of private sector job creation finds that Illinois created a dismal 500 non-government jobs in 2013 making it the single worst state in the Midwest... Read more »

Kinzinger Statement on Blagojevich Verdict

From the office of Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R, IL)… WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) today issued the following statement in response to the partial verdict in the retrial of Rod Blagojevich, former governor of Illinois: “Rod Blagojevich never seemed to understand the difference between serving the public and serving his personal self... Read more »

Kinzinger Supports Bill to Increase North American Energy Production

<i>From the office of Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R, ILL)…</i> Washington, D.C. – The House Energy and Commerce Committee, which Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-11) serves on, yesterday passed the North American-Made Energy Security Act, H.R. 1938, with bipartisan support by a vote of 33 to 13.  Kinzinger issued the following statement: “What does the Keystone XL... Read more »

Illinois So Broke They Want to Sell Ads on License Plates

-By Warner Todd Huston You know things are bad when governments start selling things they “own.” The latest is the state of Illinois so over spent and in a budgetary hole that authorities are floating the idea of selling advertising space on its auto license plates. The Democrat led general assembly has given the Secretary... Read more »

Right Nation 2011 Chosen as Location for Black Conservative Summit

WINFIELD, IL – URF announced today that Right Nation 2011, taking place November 3-5, will be the location for the first annual Black Conservative Summit (BCS) hosted by Freedom’s Journal Magazine. “We’re honored the BCS has chosen Right Nation 2011 as a location to showcase the diversity of conservatism throughout the Midwest. We’re delighted that... Read more »

Illinois Congressmen Help Tip in Big Labor Amendment

-By Warner Todd Huston On Monday I alerted you all to a jobs-killing, union-favoring amendment being considered in the House of Representatives in Washington, one that needed to be defeated. Unfortunately, the amendment was successful and now, in this dour economy, unions will be able to make matters worse just when we need a shot... Read more »

Illinois GOP Betray Own Platform

-By Warner Todd Huston With the latest three votes, the Illinois GOP has shown itself to be little else but Democrat lite and has shown that even planks in its own platform are meaningless when it comes to voting time. The last Illinois Republican Party platform was produced and approved in 2008 (See .pdf here)... Read more »

Democrat's Redistricting Plan: 'A Disgraceful Insult to the 12.8 Million People of Illinois'

-By Warner Todd Huston The Democrats Party of Illinois has released its plans to destroy the current districts and instead dish up a mangled, contorted mess of a redistricting plan meant only to erode every GOP stronghold in the state. Why did the Illinois Democrats feel so threatened in a state that seems solidly Democrat... Read more »

Illinois State Legislators Try to Explain to Fox Business Network Why Ill. Is Going Bankrupt

FOX Business Network (FBN) has been airing a series called, “Entitlement Nation: Makers vs. Takers.” The last episode will feature a special focus on two of the biggest entitlement programs in the country: Social Security and Medicare. FBN will interview Illinois House GOP leader Tom Cross and State Treasurer Dan Rutherford to examine how entitlements... Read more »

Political Corruption: An Illinois Specialty

-By Warner Todd Huston In just one more example of the thousands of examples of political graft in Illinois, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that being a board member of the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board is one giant no-show, do-nothing pay off to friends, family, and allies of Illinois’ Democrats. Members make up to... Read more »