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Ill. Policy Institute: Tax Day Rallies

From the Illinois Policy Institute… The Illinois Policy Institute will participate in Tax Day rallies next week in Springfield, Peoria, Geneva and Chicago. Since 2009, Tax Day rallies have been held across Illinois to raise awareness about out-of-control government spending, high taxes and unbalanced budgets. Now, more than ever, Illinoisans are feeling the pain from... Read more »

Criminal Element: Ill. Democrat Was Convicted Felon Before Being Elected

-By Warner Todd Huston It has been revealed that Illinois State Representative Robert Rita was a convicted felon before he ever ran for office for the fist time, a violation of state law. Being a convicted felon should have barred him from even running for office. Lee Williams of the Illinois Policy Institute tells us... Read more »

Illinois Policy Institute: Merry Christmas and a Year in Review

From the Illinois Policy Institute… How many people do you know who are out of work or whose business is struggling to meet payroll during this holiday season? I know quite a few, and it is heartbreaking. The good news is that Illinois’s own President Obama and Senator Dick Durbin understand that raising taxes now... Read more »

Ill. Policy Institute: Tax Hikes for Christmas

From the Illinois Policy Institute… Governor Pat Quinn and House Speaker Mike Madigan want to stick a lump of coal in your stocking this holiday season — in the form of a lame-duck tax hike. They’re spoiling to raise taxes before the new General Assembly is sworn into office in mid-January. Despite receiving less than... Read more »

October 11,12: Illinois Turnaround Tour DuPage County & McHenry County

The Illinois Policy Institute is sponsoring a bus tour (The Illinois Turnaround Tour) of the state to get voters excited about the fast approaching elections. This week they have stops in nearby DuPage and McHenry Counties. Real change starts here…and real change starts with you. Think the national government is a mess? Take a closer... Read more »

Illinois Policy Institute Update

The Greatest Show on Earth Watching explosions from the latest Transformers movie on Michigan Avenue and catching glimpses of movie stars like Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie may provide an exciting novelty for Illinois residents. But is it worth the price? Our latest Spotlight on Spending highlights the glitz, glamour, and surprising cost of the... Read more »

September 28: Illinois Turnaround Tour Lake/Cook County (Northbrook)

From the Illinois Policy Institute… Real change starts here…and real change starts with you. Think the national government is a mess? Take a closer look at Illinois. For years, Illinois politicians have driven our state in the wrong direction–a direction that’s leading us to financial ruin. That’s why we’re launching the Illinois Turnaround Campaign, focused... Read more »

Ill. Policy Institute: The Bus

From the Illinois Policy Institute… Put it All on Red! Last week, the White House released a cartoon video explaining their new financial reform package and the causes of the current financial crisis. Apparently, the banks took your money, jaunted over to the casino, and blew all your money on roulette. Sadly, it’s not surprising... Read more »

Ill. Policy Institute: With Friends Like These...

From the Illinois Policy Institute… Ooh, That’s Awkward America is a great country, full of wonderful people…but we should probably beef up on history classes. Last weekend, Jay Leno took a quick walk to find out how much his fellow Americans really know about Independence Day. The results? With Friends Like These… Which state department... Read more »

Ill. Policy Institute: 'Ass to Kick'

“So I Know Whose Ass to Kick” Late-night comedians have had a heyday with President Obama’s recent comments on the BP oil spill. “I don’t sit around talking to experts because this is a college seminar,” Obama told Matt Lauer. “We talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know... Read more »