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What Liberals Say vs What they Mean

-By Warner Todd Huston Many of us have been raised to think that words mean things. Then there’s Democrats. From those infamous phrases like “It depends on what the definition of what ‘is’ is” of yore to the newfangled “man-caused disasters” of today, Democrats have so abused the English language as to make it completely... Read more »

Fatwa Issued Against Fake Fatwa Issuer's Fatwas

-By Warner Todd Huston Youssef Al-Ahmed, a Saudi cleric, issued a fatwa against the supermarket chain Panda for daring to hire women who mingle with male customers and employees alike. But Grand Mufti Sheik Abdul-Aziz Al Sheik has issued a fatwa against the fatwa issued by Youssef Al-Ahmed because Al-Ahmed is not of sufficient status... Read more »

Congress Secretly Behind Massive Egg Recall

-By Warner Todd Huston The news is everywhere of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s recall of millions of eggs from several Midwestern farms allegedly due to fears of a salmonella outbreak but the real story is undergoing a massive coverup. The truth is that Congressional Democrats are behind this recall. In a secret document... Read more »

A Guide to Political Blog Comments Posters

-By Warner Todd Huston I want everyone to know that I love the comments posters on political blogs. OK, truth be known I love the ones that agree with me. The others, not so much. But I really can see the logic to those that say comments are the worst part of the Internet Tubes.... Read more »

Dear Boss, This 'HOPA' Just Ain't That Into You

Dear Boss, This 'HOPA' Just Ain't That Into You
Today’s palette cleanser: Young Jenny was apparently a “HOPA” at the office… at lest she was as far as the boss was concerned. Well, let’s just say that our Miss Jenny wasn’t amused. So she quit her job and as she did so she emailed these 33 photos to her colleagues explaining why. CLICK HERE... Read more »

Abercrumbie & Flitch Under Fire: Old People Should Stay Out of Malls

-By Warner Todd Huston Abercrumbie & Flitch, the trendy fashion retailer, is under fire from customers and the media for its newest sales campaign. The retailer is calling it “Old sCOOL” and features scantily clad elderly folks modeling the store’s latest line of apparel. Store spokesman and mastermind of the campaign, Stewart Kindly, said that... Read more »

Video: Special Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit -- Get RID of That BS

Not bad…

Obama Hears Karl Marx in His Seashell

Caption: “Now, let me be clear. They say if you find a seashell and hold it up to your ear you can hear Karl Marx! No really. I’ve done it.”

Babies Violate Labor Laws

-By Warner Todd Huston Kim Grandy, the President of the National Organization for Women, has announced a new initiative to sue all babies born in the U.S. for violating labor laws by forcing mother’s into what Grandy calls “mommy slavery.” NOW’s new program Freedom From Kids™ launched early this week and lays out a plan... Read more »

New Navy Ship to be Named After General Benedict Arnold

-By Warner Todd Huston Veterans and citizens both have become alarmed at the Navy’s plans to name a new amphibious ship after disgraced Revolutionary War General Benedict Arnold. The Navy’s newest vessel, a 684-foot, San Antonio class landing-ship, will be named the USS Benedict Arnold said Navy officials. Arnold was initially a hero of the... Read more »