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Amanpour Fails to Understand History, Says Political Climate Just Like the 1960s

-By Warner Todd Huston The inch deep analysis that we get from the illiterati in the left-media shows that they have agendas, sure, but no grasp of history, logic, or facts. No better example of the facile nature of the Old Media can be had than Christiane Amanpour and on ABC News she strutted her... Read more »

Hollywood Lunatics and Other Stories

-By Warner Todd Huston It’s a holiday and some might say we should be charitable to the unfortunate. By unfortunate usually they mean those that don’t have as much as you and I. But one might construe “unfortunate” to mean being gut wrenchingly stupid, too. And when one thinks of the gut wrenchingly stupid one... Read more »

We Still Hold These Truths ...

…To be self evident. The Heritage Foundation produced a worthy little video expounding America’s true first principles. It is a sort of companion video to Matthew Spalding’s great book, “We Still Hold These Truths.”

Jimmy Carter: Liar Extraordinaire

-By Warner Todd Huston Every once in a while one must risk breaching decorum and call a spade a spade. In this case sentient people cannot avoid affirming the stark truth that former President Jimmy Carter is one of the world’s greatest liars. This melodious storyteller’s latest misconstruction of the truth comes from the Deseret... Read more »

Video: What We Tea Party Conservatives Believe

Bill Whittle has a great, great video here helping to explain our conservative views in an intelligent, even soft-spoken, style. This is part one of two, the second to come soon. Progressive ideas have always failed and our ideas are successful every time they are tried. Bill Whittle is the host of PJTVs Afterburner.

Tearful Emanuel Leaves WH Job, Says Obama Leads in 'Toughest Times' in History?

-By Warner Todd Huston In the worst kept secret in D.C., White House Chief of Staff Rham Emanuel officially left his post in a tearful press conference on the morning of Oct. 1. Most of what Mr. Emanuel had to say was your normal, average, everyday puffery that a junior member of a team says... Read more »

When a Journalist Hasn't a Clue About the Constitution

-By Warner Todd Huston The Constitution of the United States of America. Journalist Mary Dejevsky wrote about it, but she sure hasn’t the first clue about what it does, what it means, or why American politics seem to have gone awry. She did get some things correct in her article in Britain’s Independent newspaper but... Read more »

Happy Birthday Samuel Adams!

From the Sam Adams Alliance… Today is the 288th birthday of Samuel Adams–“founder” of the American Revolution. Never heard of him? Or at least, only know about Sam Adams because you like the beer named after him? Well that’s a tragedy because in his day–way back in 1776–Sam Adams was considered the thought-leader and brain... Read more »

Called on the Carpet: Obama's New WH Rug Muffs History

-By Warner Todd Huston He grew up in Indonesia, his father was a Kenyan, and he’s been fighting the perception that he isn’t much of an American since he became a nationally known entity. Unfortunately for President Obama, his redecoration of the Oval Office is not helping by making him seem just as ignorant about... Read more »

Another Obama White House Lie About Islam

-By Warner Todd Huston Remember that iftar dinner the president sponsored? The dinner that got him in trouble because he came out in strong support of the mega-mosque at Ground Zero, support from which he backed away the very next day? Well, it turns out he delivered another blatant lie at that dinner, one that... Read more »