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Reid Says Greatest Living Americans Are Senators Byrd and Kennedy?

-By Warner Todd Huston Harry Reid (D, Nev.) isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, apparently. In an interview with CBN’s David Brody, Senator Reid replied that the greatest living American was Ted Kennedy. Reid then added West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd to the short list. Oddly enough, both of these “greatest living” Senators died... Read more »

Sharron Angle Ad: Nevada's Property Rates Plummeted Under Harry Reid

-By Warner Todd Huston Sharron Angle released her newest TV ad slamming Harry Reid for presiding over the falling home values in Nevada. Over the last few weeks the Angle campaign has seen an influx of new, more veteran campaign wranglers head out to Nevada to help in her campaign. There have been a lot... Read more »

Sharron Angle For Senate Ad: Harry Reid's Unemployed Nevada

Republican Sharron Angle is trying to unseat Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid. in Nevada. Her poll numbers look good so far. Here is her first TV ad: Help is on the Way! Defeating the Democrat Majority leader would be sweet, indeed. I hope everyone supports Sharron Angle. http://www.sharronangle.com/

TeaPartyHD's live coverage from Nevada and the race to defeat Harry Reid

Tune in to TeaPartyHD.com this evening at 7PM Pacific/10PM Eastern for live coverage of election results from Sharron Angle’s campaign election night HQ in Las Vegas. We’ll have updates on the numbers as the returns come in, interviews with folks in attendance, general punditry and a conservatively based good time. Hosting the event will be... Read more »

Harry Reid's Push To Nationalize ALL Cop/Firemen Unions

-By Warner Todd Huston Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid is quietly trying to nationalize rules governing every police, fire and first responder union in the nation. Through the benignly named Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act (H.R.413) Reid wants all first responders represented by collective bargaining rules emanating from Washington D.C. Naturally he thinks that... Read more »

Obama's Hawaii Home Now Represented by a Republican

-By Warner Todd Huston For the first time in nearly 20 years, Hawaii’s First Congressional District will be represented by a Republican. Charles Djou has won the special election to take the seat that lies in the same district in which President Obama’s Hawaiian home sits. Mark this as the second Republican pick up of... Read more »

Republican Leads to Take Obama's Old Senate Seat, Could ALL The Dem Leaders Fall?

-By Warner Todd Huston Rasmussen is reporting that GOP candidate Mark Kirk is currently leading Democrat Alexi “the Mob Banker” Giannoulias in the race for Barack Obama’s Illinois Senate seat but his isn’t the only one. Kirk now attracts 46% support in Illinois’ race for the U.S. Senate, up from 41% in early April. Support... Read more »