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Petty RI Gov. Bans Talk Radio Appearances for State Workers

-By Warner Todd Huston Lincoln Chafee was the bane of conservative talk radio when he was the RINO Senator from Rhode Island. Now that he is a newly minted “independent” and has become the Governor of the Ocean State, Chafee is in a position to take his revenge on the medium. And boy has this... Read more »

Union Outed Whitman's Maid Story in CA Gubernatorial Election

-By Warner Todd Huston Meg Whitman’s race for Governor of California seemed to take a nose dive right after it was discovered late in the campaign that she had employed a maid that was an illegal alien. The San Francisco Chronicle reports on the “tantalizing mystery” of just who it was that launched this torpedo... Read more »

GOP Guvs Ready to Take on Greedy Public Employee Unions

-By Warner Todd Huston This is a story that warms the anti-union cockles of my free-market heart. At the recent meeting of the Republican Governors Association in San Diego those governors gathered made a point to discuss angles of attack to take down the budget-busting, anti-democratic public employees unions. In attendance was the ever present... Read more »

MONEYBOMB: Bill Brady 4 Governor (Let's win back Blago's seat!)

From the Midwest Regional College Republicans… Send a message to Barack Obama (and the party of Rod Blagojevich + the “Chicago Way”)!! Give anything you can, to help us across the finish line, to VICTORY!! CONTRIBUTE to Brady for Illinois It’s now only ONE WEEK till the big day! Of all the State Governors in... Read more »

Gov. Quinn Pays Off Union for Votes... Again

-By Warner Todd Huston The Chicago Association of African American Transporters told Governor Pat Quinn that they’d mount a no-to-Quinn campaign if he didn’t pay the back bills owed them by the state. And now, despite the fact that other vendors are still not getting paid and the State is practically bankrupt, the CAAAT has... Read more »

Black Professionals of Illinois Endorse Senator Bill Brady for Governor of Illinois

From Black Professionals of Illinois… CHICAGO – Illinois is the laughing stock of the country with its “pay to play” politics and corrupt politicians. The Black Professionals of Illinois want to see this state back on the right track. To do so, we need a governor who is unafraid to stand up against “business as... Read more »

Chicago's Ricky Hendon: Racebaiting Creep Du Jour

-By Warner Todd Huston While introducing Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Pat Quinn at a West Side get-out-the-vote rally held at the New Tabernacle of Faith Baptist Church State Senator Ricky Hendon decided the pulpit was a good place from which to indulge his inner racist. The Chicago Trib notes that Hendon started calling Bill Brady all... Read more »

Quinn Calls YOU 'A Bunch of Haters'

Governor Pat Quinn appeared at the Heartland Cafe before a left-wing audience on October 18. There he said that we conservatives are a “bunch of haters.” That’s a nice, high class way to campaign for a sitting Guv, eh? Calling his own constituents “haters.”

Brady for Governor: 'We couldn't spend enough?'

From the Bill Brady for Illinois Governor campaign… “In a nutshell, Quinn wants to raise your taxes; Brady wants to cut state spending. Taxpayers who want a new, fiscally conservative direction for Illinois should vote for Brady.” That’s what yesterday’s Belleville News Democrat editorial said in endorsing our campaign to put Illinois back to work,... Read more »

Ill. Gov: GOPs Bill Brady 9 Points Up Over Incumbent Dem Quinn

-By Warner Todd Huston The Sun-Times is reporting on a new poll showing Republican Bill Brady up nine percentage points over incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn for the race for Illinois Governor. The same poll finds the Senate race deadlocked. The survey polled 1,000 registered voters: Brady, of Bloomington, was favored by 38.4 percent of those... Read more »