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New Open Government and Spending Transparency Reforms Introduced

-By Warner Todd Huston While the Obama administration plays its games with “czars,” more “boards,” and “committees” to implement government accountability policies, Representative Darrell Issa (R, Calif.) has introduced some measures that would do a far better job to meet those goals. President Obama has touted a “Government Accountability and Transparency Board” (GATB) as well... Read more »

American Government Must Be Torn Down and Rebuilt

-By Warner Todd Huston In New York you need a license to work as a gas pumper at a gas station. A contradiction since you do not need that expensive license, training, and government meddling to pump your own gas in New York. In Chicago it is supposedly illegal to fly a kite inside the... Read more »

'Educators' Conference To Get You Racist White's Minds Right Coming Soon

-By Warner Todd Huston Alright you evil, rotten, racist, white oppressors, it’s time once again for the “White Privilege Conference,” this year to be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 13 – 16. Come on out you white teachers so we can get your rotten minds right about how racist you are and so that... Read more »

Kinzinger Statement on the Government Shutdown Prevention Act

From the office of Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R, 11th, Illinois)… Washington, D.C. – Today, on the 41st day since the House passed H.R. 1, Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-11) spoke out in support of H.R. 1255, urging the Senate to cut $61 billion in government spending. “Last year, when our friends on the other side of... Read more »

Bobby Unser: Race Car Driver, Celebrity... Criminal?

-By Warner Todd Huston Bobby Unser is famous for having won the Indy 500 three times and only one of two drivers that won that great race in three separate decades (’68, ’75, ’81). Unser has a long list of achievements in motor sports starting back in the early 1960s. But there is one achievement,... Read more »

Citizen's Right to Know Under Attack in Illinois!

-By Warner Todd Huston The Illinois Senate is currently debating SB1645 which would arbitrarily limit a citizen’s “right to know.” If a citizen asks more than fifteen questions per year under FOI rules (Freedom of Information Act Requests), the citizen’s requests would be characterized as a “vexatious” requests. With this appellation applied, FOI requests can... Read more »

Tim Pawlenty: Government Unions vs. Taxpayers

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty penned a great op ed in the Wall Street Journal that takes public employee unions to task for their greed and their destructive nature. I’ve said many times that public employee unions are antithetical to good government and should be outlawed. Pawlenty agrees that they make good governing impossible. Public employees... Read more »

Don't Censor the Internet! STOP the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act

-By Warner Todd Huston The politicians are at it again. They never cease to amaze for their constantly revolving attempts to take over complete control of the Internet and everything connected to it. This time, in the guise of safeguarding copyrighted material, Congressional Democrats intend to introduce into this zombie session of congress the Combating... Read more »

Sunshine Review Launches Online Transparency Platform for Legislators and Activists

From Sunshine Review… Platform and model legislation endorsed by leading state legislators Sunshine Review, the nation’s leading state and local government transparency advocate, launched SunshineStandard.org, an online platform for legislators and activists that will act as the national guide for launching reforms to expand the information available on state and local government web sites so... Read more »

County Sues Man for Growing Veggies?

-By Warner Todd Huston Where’s Michelle “the Green Witch” Obama when you need her? She might have been able to save a man in Dekalb County, Georgia from being sued by his own county for growing too many vegetables in his garden. That’s right, you heard me: sued by the government for growing too many... Read more »