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NBC Sports Removes 'Under God' From Kids Saying Pledge of Allegiance

-By Warner Todd Huston In its intro to the 2011 U.S. Open golf tournament, NBC Sports had a heart stirring montage of Old Glory, school kids reciting the pledge of allegiance, all intercut with some of golf’s biggest contemporary stars. It had everything: resounding music, patriotism, and golf. But one thing it didn’t have… the... Read more »

Reminder: Obama's Played More Golf in 2 Yrs. Than Bush Did Both Terms

-By Warner Todd Huston Between 2000 and 2008 one of the left’s most cherished ways to ridicule President Bush was to point out how often he went golfing. Bush’s golfing was a clear sign that he was ignoring the work he had to do in Washington and that he just didn’t care they claimed. He... Read more »

While the Gulf Burns, NeroObama Golfs

How many rounds of golf have you played as millions of barrels of oil empty out into the Gulf of Mexico, Mr. Obama? I guess he meant he’d “kick some ass” on the golf course, not the Gulf course.

New Website: Mr. President, Stop Playing Golf

An amusing new site has debuted that asks the president to please, Mr. President, stop playing golf and be a leader! http://stopplayinggolf.com Catch this “partial list” of the things Obama missed as he wandered the golf course. As oil spill spreads and approaches Louisiana coast, President plays golf (5/22/2010) Skips visit to Polish Embassy in... Read more »