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My Latest at RightPundits: Gopher Fired, Limbaugh's 'Fake Callers,' and HuffPo Writers Go On Strike

-By Warner Todd Huston Here is my latest post at RightPundits.com: Gopher Fired, Limbaugh’s ‘Fake Callers,’ and HuffPo Writers Go On Strike Please do click over and take a look.

Rachel Maddow's Reason For Being Duped by Satire Website: It's Conservatives Fault

-By Warner Todd Huston Remember when you were a kid and you got caught doing something you shouldn’t have been doing? Remember when you were confronted with your wrong doing that your first response was to blame everyone else? Well, that is very common for a child… or for a liberal, apparently. At least it... Read more »

Lefty Rally at Lincoln Memorial Gets Glad Handed By Old Media, But Event a Bust

-By Warner Todd Huston **UPDATED WITH VIDEO of communist and socialist participants** **UPDATED 10/03/10 PHOTO of rally from Wash. Memorial** Naturally the Old Media is doing its level best to pump up the “One Nation” rally. The lefty protest is gathering in front of the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington D.C. today,... Read more »

Leftwits Try to Top Beck With October Rally in D.C.

-By Warner Todd Huston The leftists are trying to emulate both Glenn Beck and the Tea Party movement by having their own march on D.C. and it is coming in but a few days. They are claiming that “hundreds of thousands” of their extreme leftist compatriots will gather at the Lincoln Memorial on October 2... Read more »

Right Nation 2010: Video of Glenn Beck and Rep. Aaron Schock

-By Warner Todd Huston I am working on some video form the Right Nation 2010 event. So far I have a few minutes of Glenn Beck and Illinois Representative Aaron Schock already finished. I’ll start with the beginning of Glenn Beck’s more than hour long address to the gathered. His talk was well received, chock... Read more »

Right Nation 2010 - Anita MonCrief, John Fund, Dick Armey Speak

-By Warner Todd Huston I am here today at the Right Nation 2010 conference in the western suburbs of Chicago (straight west of O’Hare Airport). This afternoon began with three speakers remarks, ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief, Wall Street Journal writer John Fund, and former Majority Leader Dick Armey. Anita was up first and she told... Read more »

Right Nation 2010 to Feature 2012 Presidential Straw Poll

Right Nation 2010 is going on today in Hoffman Estates, Illinois… CHICAGO – Right Nation 2010, an unprecedented gathering of thousands of conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party independents on September 18th, will feature the first 2012 Presidential Straw poll in the Midwest. The poll will show the preferences of grassroots leaders from throughout the Heartland,... Read more »

I'll Be At Right Nation 2010 in Chicago, Illinois... Will YOU?

-By Warner Todd Huston THE event of the Midwest is fast upon us, Sept. 18, this Saturday! So what the heck IS this Right Nation 2010 thing, anyway? The website tells us that the event will be a gathering of thousands of conservatives who will, “come together to celebrate their shared lineage and common purpose.... Read more »

Five Reasons to attend Right Nation 2010

-By Fran Eaton There are many reasons why concerned voters should attend Right Nation 2010 at the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates September 18th, but here’s five: 1. It will take conservatives, Tea Party independents and Republicans to work together like never before to break free of the suffocating Democratic Party machine in Illinois... Read more »

Democrats Protest Glenn Beck Rally Spot but Support Ground Zero Mosque?

-By Warner Todd Huston The intellectual dishonesty of Democrats is simply breathtaking. To show exactly how out of whack Democrat’s ideology is, they are protesting the site and date of a Glenn Beck rally over his perceived “insensitivity” but on the other hand seem wholly unbothered by the mosque planned on being built at Ground... Read more »