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Chicago Jews Threatened With Violence Over Gaza Campaign

-By Warner Todd Huston The “religion of peace” is at it again, this time posting warnings in Chicago that they intend to start attacking Jews in the Windy City. The Times of Israel reported on Monday that the threatening fliers were left on cars in Pulaski Park neighborhood on Chicago’s near northwest side. Chicago Police... Read more »

Vlog: News Analysis of 'We Con The World' Video Controversy

-By Warner Todd Huston This is my first vlog (that’s video blog for the uninitiated) using my new HD camera. I see I have to fix my lighting problem in the room I was using to record it in, but anyways… it was my first stab at it, so give me a break will ya?... Read more »

Terrorists Rejoice: YouTube Pulls Pro-Israeli Video

-By Warner Todd Huston In the week following the Israeli boarding of boats piloted by Turkish “peace activists” off the coast of Gaza Caroline Glick and the good folks at the Hebrew language Israeli news site Latma created a parody video skewering the violent actions perpetrated by those “peace activists” against members of the Israeli... Read more »

Jihadis Killed in Clash With IDF Near Gaza

-By Warner Todd Huston I hate to interrupt our Memorial Day observations, but this news story is too immediate to ignore. The Old Media is already misreporting the bloody incident off the Gaza coast between a flotilla of Muslim “peace activists” and the Israeli Defense Force. They are, of course, making Israel out to be... Read more »