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Fox News Announces Its First Ailes Junior Reporter Program Journalist for Chicago

-By Warner Todd Huston In 2011 Fox News started a new program to encourage young journalists to enter the field and one of the first graduates from the program is going to be based right here in Chicago. Garrett Tenney will serve as a correspondent for Chicago, so we here in the Windy City would... Read more »

Soros Funded MoveOn.Org Lies About Hacking Fox News Ticker

-By Warner Todd Huston What’s the best way to counter what you think are the lies coming from your opponents? Is it to make up lies of your own? Apparently MoveOn.org thinks so. On June 9, MoveOn admitted using lies, subterfuge and fraud to “counter” what they maintain is the wrong-headed thinking of Fox News.... Read more »

Illinois State Legislators Try to Explain to Fox Business Network Why Ill. Is Going Bankrupt

FOX Business Network (FBN) has been airing a series called, “Entitlement Nation: Makers vs. Takers.” The last episode will feature a special focus on two of the biggest entitlement programs in the country: Social Security and Medicare. FBN will interview Illinois House GOP leader Tom Cross and State Treasurer Dan Rutherford to examine how entitlements... Read more »

Fleebagging TV: Democrat Walks Off TV Show

Here we have a whiner Democrat that can’t take the heat of a TV cable show… and hasn’t two neurons to rub together. You know… a typical Democrat. I love how Ed Morrissey explained how Democrats like this twerp work… Step 1: Declare that the Republican plan will kill people Step 2: Denounce demagoguery Step... Read more »

Fox News' Kirsten Powers Falsely Claims Bush Supported Earlier End-Of-Life Law

-By Warner Todd Huston On the Sean Hannity Show on Fox News this week, Democrat Kirsten Powers offered some misinformed political analysis. Naturally, her analysis heavily favored the Obama administration’s goals. On the Dec. 27 show Powers insisted that inflamed talk about Obama’s “death panels” was nothing but a cynical spin meant to attack Obama... Read more »

A Video Critique of the Claim That Fox News Viewers Are Misinformed

Lee Doren does a great job tearing down another left-wing shibboleth. Supposedly, Fox News viewers are more misinformed than the general public because: They think most economists believe the stimulus caused job losses; They think most economists believe Obamacare will increase the deficit; and They think the economy is getting worse; etc. As a result,... Read more »

SHOCKING: Soros Funded University Poll Says Fox News Viewers Most 'Misinformed' Politically

-By Warner Todd Huston A poll conducted by WorldPublicOpinion.org, a “project” run out of the University of Maryland, was the toast of the left-wingers last week for its finding that Fox News viewers were the most “misinformed” during the 2010 election cycle. Sadly, few of the news pieces on this poll mentioned that WorldPublicOpinion.org is... Read more »

The Beginning of the End of The Race Card?

We are seeing it more and more: black Americans decrying other blacks for throwing the race card. Here is a great and encouraging video of Congressman elect Allen West talking about the issue with Juan Williams on Fox News. (H/T HotAir.com)

George Soros' Millions Buying 'Political Reporters' For NPR

-By Warner Todd Huston The left loves to go wild claiming that Ruppert Murdock, a famous conservative, owns a few news outlets. The left is also aghast that well-known righty Roger Ailes guides Fox News. Ailes’s ideology makes of his network a compromised product, they claim. It’s all a travesty of “news,” and “proof” that... Read more »

Dems Drop Complaint Against Fox for Donating to GOP, Media Mum

-By Warner Todd Huston The Old Media went into a feeding frenzy when it was revealed that News Corp., the owner of Fox News, had donated $1 million to the Republican Governor’s Association to help GOP candidates this election cycle. The left immediately used this fact as a fundraising meme and the media was thrilled... Read more »