Big Unions Cooling on Obama?

-By Warner Todd Huston Bloomberg has another unions-are-mad-at-Obama story this week and, while there is no doubt that unions are a bit miffed at the big “O,” we should all be cautioned about where Big Labor will put its support in 2012. Miffed or not, and quite contrary to what Bloomberg wants you to believe,... Read more »

Dueling Union Bills in DC

-By Warner Todd Huston First Congressional Democrats offered a national forced unionzation bill, and now Republicans have countered by putting forth a national worker’s freedom bill. With the luck breaking against unions in Wisconsin and the issue in an uproar in Ohio and Indiana it is now surprise that Congress has come to loggerheads with... Read more »

Obama to Sue States to End Worker's Right to Secret Ballot

-By Warner Todd Huston Barack Obama has given more payoffs, sweetheart deals, and new favorable regulations to Big Labor than any president in history. They should love him for his incredible largess. Next, in his never ending quest to harm the business community, defy the will of the voters, and give his pals in Big... Read more »

Obama Using Regulatory Power to Force Card Check

-By Warner Todd Huston Congress has failed to pass Big Labor’s long sought after card check bill, the Orwellian named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). The reason congress has not passed this destructive law is because the voters have repeatedly spoken by urging their representatives and senators to stand against it. The voice of the... Read more »

Rep. John Kline & the Secret Ballot Protection Act

-By LaborUnionReport.com Congressman John Kline [R-MN] has been one of the House of Representatives’ most vocal opponent of SEIU’s labor board appointee, Craig Becker, as well as a vocal defender of workers’ right to choose by secret-ballot whether or not to become unionized. In that role, he has stood strong against union bosses as they... Read more »

Secret Ballot Protection Wins Big in Four States

-By Warner Todd Huston Is card check dead? Not completely, but if the recent votes on various state ballot initiatives of four states is any indication it sure seems to be on its last legs. Little noticed by the Old Media, the ballot initiatives of these four states is an important bellwether of how little... Read more »

Obama's NLRB Appointee Says Unions Need to be Voted in Quicker

-By Warner Todd Huston Now that the election is over and we’ve seen in stark light the rebuke that Obama has received, many are wondering if he’ll moderate his far left agenda. But a few movements in the Labor Dept. will disabuse anyone of the notion that Obama intends to drop his left-wing agenda. Leave... Read more »

As America Votes, Obama Angling to Take Vote Away From Workers

-By Warner Todd Huston As Americans prepare to head to the polls to exercise their right to a secret ballot on election day, the Obama administration is poised to roll back that right in the workplace. By Obama’s orders, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is looking over a policy change that would undermine the... Read more »

Senate Dems Pushing Another Big Union Payoff

-By Warner Todd Huston Senate Democrats, Harry Ried in the lead, are once again attempting to bestow a big payoff to unions by attempting to defeat Senate Resolution 30. This resolution would turn back a union payoff that Democrats slipped by the nation last May. A rules change made by Obama’s National Mediation Board, a... Read more »

AFL-CIO Chief Pleading for Union Support of Dems in Nov.

-By Warner Todd Huston The AFL-CIO plans to spend another $50 million coming to the aid of Democrats during this campaign season for the 2010 midterms. But all is not well in uniondom as many unions are very, very unhappy with various and sundry Democrat candidates across the country. Still, AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka has... Read more »