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Dues Paid to Union Fat Cats Could Have Funded 265,447 Workers For A Year

-By Warner Todd Huston Leftists and union supporters love to point to the salaries of corporate bosses and claim them an excess in order to goad regular people into fits of envy and hatred, stirring that class warfare that leftists love so much. But the folks at LaborUnionReport.com thought it might be interesting to turn... Read more »

Wisconsin Stops Removing Union Dues From Employees Checks

-By Warner Todd Huston Pursuant to Governor Scott Walker’s new rules, as of Monday the State of Wisconsin is no longer taking union dues out of the paychecks of government workers. The state is also charging more for these employee’s healthcare and pensions. Even though there is still a question open of a compromised judge’s... Read more »

Wisc. Democrat Tells Workers Pay Union Dues or Lose Your Job

-By Warner Todd Huston You can only serve one master and Democrats have chosen unions over the people. Proof of this is once again seen in the post by Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media where we find a Democrat lawmaker from Wisconsin who has announced that if you don’t want to pay dues to his... Read more »

Video: CEI's Vincent Vernuccio on Where Union Dues Go

-By Warner Todd Huston Vincent Vernuccio of the Competitive Enterprise Institute appeared on Fox Business Channel’s “Follow the Money” show and talked a little bit about where the dues that union members pay goes. Fox Business only gave a snippet of the video that CEI made so here is the full video.