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Vote Fraud Paradise in Maryland

-By Warner Todd Huston Thanks to SB167/HB470, Maryland is yet another U.S. State attempting to reward illegal immigrants with free or cut rate in-state university educations all at the detriment to the real citizens of the state — and all without the direct vote of the people. But this state version of the DREAM Act... Read more »

Jose Antonio Vargas: From Journalist to Illegal Immigrant and Political Activist

-By Warner Todd Huston The newly publicized life-story of award winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas seems to be one of those revelatory stories that tends to confirm some of the worst charges against liberals and the Old Media. The media sees no reason not to break the law, it employs people with political agendas, and... Read more »

Illinois GOP Betray Own Platform

-By Warner Todd Huston With the latest three votes, the Illinois GOP has shown itself to be little else but Democrat lite and has shown that even planks in its own platform are meaningless when it comes to voting time. The last Illinois Republican Party platform was produced and approved in 2008 (See .pdf here)... Read more »

Illinois Legislature Passes DREAM Act Giving Illegals Free College Education

-By Warner Todd Huston In a 61-53 vote in the Illinois House, an Illinois version of the DREAM Act (SB2185) has been passed and will be signed into law by accidental Governor Pat Quinn. The Illinois DREAM Act will provide free money for the children of illegal immigrants to go to state colleges and universities.... Read more »

Blame (Republican) SB35 Opponents for Illinois DREAM Act Passage

-By Doug Ibendahl “The decay of the Soviet experiment should come as no surprise to us. Wherever the comparisons have been made between free and closed societies — West Germany and East Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia, Malaysia and Vietnam — it is the democratic countries that are prosperous and responsive to the needs of their... Read more »

Gov. Quinn Votes Yes to Release Hardcore Criminals Amongst Us

-By Warner Todd Huston Illinois Governor, Democrat Pat Quinn has decided that it is a great idea to release violent, hardcore criminals among the citizens of his own state. At least those criminals that are illegal aliens, anyway. Why do I say this? Because Quinn has pulled the State of Illinois from the Secure Communities... Read more »

11 Illinois Republicans That Support Illegal Immigrant DREAM Act

-By Warner Todd Huston When a communist newspaper celebrates the actions of Republicans, well, what more do you need to know how far off base a vote is? The People’s World is all excited about the fact that 11 Illinois State Senators voted to give freebie “scholarships” to illegal aliens to attend Illinois universities and... Read more »

Republicans Block DREAM Act, Another Old Media Lie

-By Warner Todd Huston The Old Media is up to its old tricks again, this time making the GOP the fall guy for the failure of the latest immigration bill. Nearly every news outlet is reporting that the Republicans have blocked the DREAM Act, many of these reports even say so right in the headline.... Read more »

DREAM Act Passes House: The Eight Republicans that Voted for it

-By Warner Todd Huston Want to dispense some bile? Well here are the names of the eight Republicans that just voted “yes” on the DREAM Act (HR 6497). Even worse are the eleven that didn’t vote at all. Ahn “Joseph” Cao, Louisiana Mike Castle, Delaware Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Florida Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida Charles... Read more »

Coalition of Hispanics Against the DREAM Act Rally in Washington

-By Warner Todd Huston On the steps of the Cannon Building in D.C. a group of Hispanic leaders gathered to express their opposition to the Democrat’s Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act of 2010, the DREAM act. As this coalition explained it, “The DREAM Act would provide certain minors who are illegal immigrants... Read more »