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N.J. Courts Not Interested in Democracy

-By Warner Todd Huston Most Americans are under the mistaken assumption that we as voters can elect someone to make changes in our government. Whether the government of our city, county, state or that in Washington DC we voters have this romantic idea that we can affect change by electing people to office that will... Read more »

Union Thugs Attack Petition Worker, Destroys Petitions

-By Warner Todd Huston From Joe Schoffstall we find yet another example of the way unions and Democrats use thug tactics to force their way on those around them, yet one more example of how Democrats and union thugs don’t care about democracy or the American system when it comes to their ill-gotten gains and... Read more »

Government Employee Unions Undemocratic, Unfair, Unsustainable

-By Warner Todd Huston A lot has been said about the thuggish behavior of these teachers in Wisconsin and other union toughs across the country who have been caught on tape calling people Hitler and dictators, and attacking peaceful Tea Partiers. The behavior of union supporters has been ignorant to say the least. But as... Read more »

Death Of The West: Creeping Shariah

-By Warner Todd Huston The worst aspect of the Muslim invasion of the west is the alarming way that Islam is undermining Western culture using the west’s own liberal, democratic processes to do so. Muslims are using our own best philosophy against us and it is working to destroy our own culture, laws, and traditions,... Read more »