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New York Times Columnist Kristof's Foolishness

-By Warner Todd Huston The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof is a simpleton. There is really no other way to say it, no gentler phrasing possible, to explain how childish and uncluttered his tiny little mind really is. The latest example of his utter inability to think clearly can be seen in Kristof’s screed against... Read more »

Green Policies a Substitute For Anti-Capitalist, Anti-American Ideas

-By Warner Todd Huston Those anti-capitalist college professor types that used to sneer at America and supported the murderous antics of the Soviets had for a short time after the fall of the U.S.S.R. no place in which to invest their anti-American ideals. However, it is clear that they have found a new home: greenism.... Read more »

Democrats Plan: Destroy U.S. Healthcare So They Can Re-Build it in Socialist Image

-By Warner Todd Huston Obama and his Democrat pals have been lying to you, America. They do not want to find a cure for America’s obviously ailing healthcare system. They want to erect its headstone. Democrats want to destroy every aspect of our healthcare system. They have to, you see, because if they don’t they... Read more »

Do SEIU Members Know Their Union Consorts With America's Enemies?

-By Warner Todd Huston This is one thing that always flummoxes me. Over the last few decades American labor unions have increasingly become adjuncts, associates, pals, close friends — what ever you want to call them — with anti-American groups like the Communist Party USA and various socialist, anti-Israel groups, and pro-terror groups like the... Read more »

About That Big L.A. May Day Parade... A BIG Bust

-By Warner Todd Huston Remember that L.A. May Day parade? It was supposed to be a big deal, you know? You see, there was supposed to be 50,000 protesters marching in downtown Los Angeles to protest over how rotten the U.S. treats illegal immigrants. As JWF tells us, local LA TV was all about helping... Read more »

Union Plan: 'Forget About the Law, Brand Businesses as Human Right Violators'

-By Warner Todd Huston Once again we see how lawless the Obama administration and its allies in unions are. By their own admission they don’t care about the law. In the following video we see Obama’s appointee to his Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations and United Auto Workers President, Bob King, telling attendees... Read more »

Union Operative That Wants 'Financial Panic' and Communism Still Working at SEIU

-By Warner Todd Huston You may remember back in March that an audio tape was released upon which an SEIU operative expressed his desire to destroy the American economy by creating “financial panic” and overloading the system. This, it was proposed, could lay the groundwork to turn America into a perfect communist society. The union... Read more »

Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris

Communists are poopie heads.

'Educators' Conference To Get You Racist White's Minds Right Coming Soon

-By Warner Todd Huston Alright you evil, rotten, racist, white oppressors, it’s time once again for the “White Privilege Conference,” this year to be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 13 – 16. Come on out you white teachers so we can get your rotten minds right about how racist you are and so that... Read more »

A Union Member's Plan to Cause Financial Panic in the USA

-By Warner Todd Huston A former union executive attended an extremist conference in New York last weekend and there he laid out the sort of plan that every union member dreams of, one that will destroy the American system and replace it with a socialist fantasy run by unions and anti-capitalists. Steve Lerner was a... Read more »