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NJ Gov. Christie To Union Member: You Can Always Quit

-By Warner Todd Huston At a public meeting New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tells a union teacher who is whining about her pay scale that she can always quit teaching if she doesn’t like it. I LOVE this guy! And while this teacher was whining that she makes no where near $83,000 per year, the... Read more »

Gov Christie to NJ Supreme Court Justice: You're Fired!

-By Warner Todd Huston My favorite sentiment about the U.S. Supreme Court is from that rascal President Andrew Jackson. In 1832 the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision in Worcester v. Georgia that Old Hickory wasn’t too happy with. In reply he is famous for the sentiment that the Court made its decision and proposed... Read more »

Teachers Union Prays for the Death of NJ Gov. Christie

-By Warner Todd Huston Sadly, wishing for the death of a political opponent is so typical of the left. Pol Pot, Stalin, the Democrat sponsored KKK, the chief tool used by such folks has been terror and violence. While obviously not as murderous as the aforementioned, unions have also been a violent force in history.... Read more »