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N.J. Courts Not Interested in Democracy

-By Warner Todd Huston Most Americans are under the mistaken assumption that we as voters can elect someone to make changes in our government. Whether the government of our city, county, state or that in Washington DC we voters have this romantic idea that we can affect change by electing people to office that will... Read more »

NJ Unions Hiding Behind Courts to Continue Ripping Off Taxpayers

-By Warner Todd Huston The next level of obduracy by New Jersey’s government employee unions has been taken. The Communication Workers of America, the state’s largest government workers union, has filed a suit against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie claiming he isn’t negotiating in good faith over the union’s healthcare contract. You see Gov. Christie... Read more »

VIDEO: Union Thugs Say Gov. Christies Will 'Shoot Them' Like Gadhafi

-By Warner Todd Huston At a rally in New Jersey, we see more teachers that don’t deserve to be allowed near children for their ignorance of history, their wild-eyed hatred, and their outright stupidity. In this video we see “teachers” who don’t feel bad about parading around in the streets while their children are left... Read more »

GOP Guvs Ready to Take on Greedy Public Employee Unions

-By Warner Todd Huston This is a story that warms the anti-union cockles of my free-market heart. At the recent meeting of the Republican Governors Association in San Diego those governors gathered made a point to discuss angles of attack to take down the budget-busting, anti-democratic public employees unions. In attendance was the ever present... Read more »

Shuttering New Jersey Abortion Mills: Another Reason Why Christie is a Hero

-By Warner Todd Huston Aside from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie taking the fight to the state’s greedy, education-killing teachers union the Gov has also struck a blow against rampant abortion in the Garden State by taking away state funding to abortion mills. Steven Ertelt reports that at least one Planned Parenthood office is closing... Read more »

Politico Misleads on NJ Gov. Chiristie's Immigration Position

-By Warner Todd Huston This morning Ben Smith of Politico posted a story that essentially mislead readers about what newfound conservative hero Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey thought about immigration. Smith’s article spun Christie into an “amnesty” supporter when it doesn’t seem he is. One has to wonder why Smith did this? Among many... Read more »

Video: New Jersey Teachers Are 'Sopranos' to Chris Christie's 'G-Man'

You’ve seen him, you’ve loved him, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie takes on the teacher’s mafia in New Jersey and it’s the DAY OF RECKONING!

Gov. Christie Issues 'Judgment Day' To Destructive Unions

-By Warner Todd Huston New Jersey Governor Christ Christie is still holding the path in his battle against the budget killing unions in the state of New Jersey. “We have to hold each other accountable… You don’t get something for nothing in this world, ever… yet, government has been trying to sell you over the... Read more »

Gov. Christie Knows Teachers Unions are the Schoolyard Bullies

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has decided that to protect our children’s futures beating the schoolyard bully is the way to go. But who is the bully? Is it the sign carrying, whiney teachers? No, it’s their powermongering, kid unfriendly unions pushing teachers to act like bullies. The unions are the bullies and THAT is... Read more »

New Jersey Teachers Threw Away Decades of Goodwill

-By Warner Todd Huston The New Jersey Star-Ledger has a wonderful little editorial excoriating New Jersey’s teachers for having destroyed their own reputation with the public because of their petulant behavior towards Governor Chris Christie’s attempts to balance New Jersey’s over spent budget. Take a gander at this… Once the patient darlings who nurtured our... Read more »