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Obama's Plan to Force Fed. Contractors to Disclose Political Donations Meeting Bi-Partisan Opposition

-By Warner Todd Huston Barack Obama’s Executive Order that requires federal contractors to disclose the political contributions they have made is garnering bi-partisan opposition on the Hill this month. The order would force contractors to reveal any political donations as a condition for being allowed to bid on a contract to work for the federal... Read more »

Video: Stop Obama and His Union Bosses!

-By Warner Todd Huston Courtesy of the Republican National Committee… This is exactly right. While every state is drowning in debt, Barack Obama and the billions that unions have spent on him and his Democrat Party is being put toward thwarting the will of the voters and to making the state’s and the federal government’s... Read more »

Illinois Republicans Donating to... a Democrat?

-By Warner Todd Huston This is why Illinois politics is called “the combine.” It’s because all too often there doesn’t seem to be a whit of a difference between Republicans and Democrats — not always, but all too often. They even donate to each other’s campaigns. RepublicanNewsWatch.com has the latest examination of the sort of... Read more »

Shocking: Dave Weigel Doesn't Get Sarah Palin

-By Warner Todd Huston Like most leftists, former Washington Post blogger David Weigel just doesn’t get Sarah Palin. Weigel took a look at the year-end contributions from the Political Action Committees (PACs) sponsored by Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin and what he saw there baffled him. While Weigel thought he understood the “strategy” of Romney’s... Read more »

Senator Kirk Already on Track to Vote Against GOP Interests

-By Warner Todd Huston I said it during the primary, Mark Kirk is a 45 percenter. His record in the House pretty much shows that he will only vote with Republicans 45 percent of the time if left to his druthers. True to my worst fears, Kirk seems to be right on track with my... Read more »

Dems Drop Complaint Against Fox for Donating to GOP, Media Mum

-By Warner Todd Huston The Old Media went into a feeding frenzy when it was revealed that News Corp., the owner of Fox News, had donated $1 million to the Republican Governor’s Association to help GOP candidates this election cycle. The left immediately used this fact as a fundraising meme and the media was thrilled... Read more »

Ill. Dem. Senate Candidate Being Funded by Terror Connected Financier?

-By Warner Todd Huston Daniel Halper asks a whopper of a question, one that could cause quite a lot of trouble for Democrat Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias of Illinois. Halper reveals that one of Giannoulias’ donors is a man connected with a foundation with link to terror organizations. Sahloul is the former president of the... Read more »

Democrat Lobbyist Charged With Campaign Contributions Violations

-By Warner Todd Huston Paul Magliocchetti, president of the lobbying firm PMA Group Inc. of Arlington, Virginia, was arrested on August 5 and charged with using friends and family to make illegal campaign contributions in order to skirt federal campaign finance laws. His firm has been under investigation since 2009. In a statement the Justice... Read more »

Ill. Dem Senate Candidate Still $200,000 in Debt From Primary

-By Warner Todd Huston So far, the biggest negative that has stuck against Illinois Democrat Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias is that he is a poor money manager. The worst is that he was an officer in a family bank that has since gone under due to shady loans to mobsters — to the tune of... Read more »

Ill. Dem. Senate Candidate Raising $$ From Trial Lawyers in Canada

-By Warner Todd Huston The Illinois Democrat candidate for Senate, Alexi Giannoulias, wasn’t too keen of admitting it but he was in Vancouver, Canada over the weekend at a fund-raiser at a trial lawyer’s convention. Along with a dozen other Democrats, the candidate was in Canada to rake in thousands in donations from trial lawyers... Read more »