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Cal. Union Launches Effort to Recruit Republican Candidates

-By Warner Todd Huston This is a novel approach. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU), one of the largest government employee unions in the nation, has decided that they’ve had enough of all those darn Republicans that are… well… acting like Republicans. So, the union has lighted on a new way to be rid of... Read more »

Maria Shriver Leaves Ahnold... What Kind of Kennedy IS She Anyway?

-By Warner Todd Huston Everyone’s jaws are jamming about the fact that ten years ago Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child out of wedlock with some hussey or another. The follow up shocker is that his wife of 25 years, Maria Shriver — a member of the Kennedy clan — has left him. It all makes... Read more »

Calif Union Chief Says You Taxpayers are Selfish and Full of 'Envy'

-By Warner Todd Huston You taxpayers should be ashamed of yourselves, says Art Pulaski, executive secretary-treasurer of the California Labor Federation. You big, selfish jerks should be happy to pay the taxes that gives government employees all healthcare practically for free and allows them to retire at 50 with their comfortable 40-year-long retirement pensions that... Read more »

Calif. Teachers Show Support For Cop Murderer

-By Warner Todd Huston What the hell the un-American, murder-loving “teachers” in California should care about a cop-killing scumbag in Philadelphia is anyone’s guess. Convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal is finding some support in an unusual place – at the California Federation of Teachers Convention. Last month, delegates there passed a resolution to reaffirm their support... Read more »

Corruption and Political Intrigue in Government Employee Pensions

-By Warner Todd Huston The Los Angeles Times has a disheartening report about the graft, corruption, and nest-feathering infesting the administration of California’s government employees pension fund, CalPers (California Public Employees’ Retirement System). It reports that subordinates were pressured into investing in to firms run by political buddies and that one of the former CalPERS... Read more »

As We Lose Our Jobs, Unionized CA College Profs Want More

-By Warner Todd Huston Without question we are living through the worst economic times in generations and Barack Obama’s policies aren’t helping alleviate the pain. Pain is, indeed, the watchword, too. Nearly everyone knows someone that has lost his job. Nearly everyone has lost money for their retirement. Everyone is feeling the pain. And no... Read more »

Beware When They Say a Government Program Will 'Make Money'

-By Warner Todd Huston The New York Times had a small story that it likely thought was just an amusing little tale of a quirky government program from Los Angeles. Centered on the gift shop run by the L.A County Coroner’s Department, the Times indulged such lines as “we’re dying for your business,” and headlined... Read more »

Truth in Accounting Issues: California's 'Financial State of the State'

From the Institute for Truth in Accounting… Chicago (November 29, 2010) Today, the Institute for Truth in Accounting released California’s “Financial State of the State.” After a review of the State’s 2009 audited financial report, the Institute determined the State is in a precarious financial position because it does not have the funds available to... Read more »

Union Outed Whitman's Maid Story in CA Gubernatorial Election

-By Warner Todd Huston Meg Whitman’s race for Governor of California seemed to take a nose dive right after it was discovered late in the campaign that she had employed a maid that was an illegal alien. The San Francisco Chronicle reports on the “tantalizing mystery” of just who it was that launched this torpedo... Read more »

'Call Me Madam': Let This Video Be My Apology for Once Supporting Sen. Boxer

David Zucker has made a great video slamming Barbara “Senator Ma’am” Boxer. It is very funny. Call Me Madam Joe from RightChange on Vimeo. Zucker says on BigHollywood.com, “I was motivated to do something on this after I saw the video of Barbara Boxer interrogating the General.” I remember immediately feeling embarrassed that a member... Read more »