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Contrary to Claim, White House Did Control GM's Daily Business And Cut Workers' Pay?

-By Warner Todd Huston When Barack Obama threw millions of our tax dollars at General Motors to “save it,” the administration claimed that it would not involve itself in the “day-to-day management” of the venerable car company. New emails obtained by The Daily Caller, however, casts doubt on this claim. In fact, as Matthew Boyle... Read more »

GM Exec: Reporting GM's Failures Hurts... Republicans?

-By Warner Todd Huston In an odd turn of events, former GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz thinks that anyone that criticizes GM is not only “mis-informed” but insists that those “foaming ideologues” that criticize the car giant are “damaging the Republican Party.” It is interesting that an executive in the company derided as “Government Motors”... Read more »

Geithner's Spin: Auto Bailout A Success

-By Warner Todd Huston At the Detroit Economic Club today, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner tried to claim the auto bailout is a success. It certainly doesn’t seem like a success for the taxpayers. GM stock is about $30 today, and unless it gets up to $54, the taxpayers lose money on the deal. Why would... Read more »

Auto Recall: When The Wheels Come Off Government Motors... Literally

-By Warner Todd Huston GM, Obama’s favorite federally owned car company, was thrilled to report in March that sales figures for the Chevy Cruze helped put the company on the fast track to success but it wasn’t the best news when the wheels began to literally fall off the Cruze causing a recall of GM’s... Read more »

Government Motors: The Coming General Motors Failure Will Be At Taxpayer's Expense

-By Warner Todd Huston The Obama Administration has proclaimed TARP and the subsequent bailout for General Motors a great success. US Treasury Deputy Timothy Massad recently said, “Where we are today shows that the program, by any reasonably objective measure, was a success.” But is GM, now much derided as “Government Motors” the success that... Read more »

That Stimulating Stimulus Paid for Homemade Porno?

-By Warner Todd Huston Well if this isn’t a fitting addition to the story of the stimulus what is? The University of Notre Dame in Indiana recently fired an electrical engineering professor over allegations that the prof used $190,000 in federal grant money and matching university funds to buy cameras and other equipment to make... Read more »

Video: Where's My Congressman?

-By Warner Todd Huston Why are Democrat Congressmen avoiding Summer townhalls? Here is a little explanation of that… Featuring Clint Howard, little brother of the very liberal Hollywood director Ron Howard, this film does a great job skewering the Democrats. Brought to you by Heritage Action for America.

Now Democrats Want Another $34 Billion to Bailout Teamsters Pension

-By Warner Todd Huston When will Obama’s gifts to unions (at the expense of the taxpayers) ever end? On the heels of a $26.1 billion teacher union bailout, now Democrats are attempting to get Congress to give $34 billion of the taxpayer’s money to the Teamsters because that union has mishandled its pension funds. Senators... Read more »

Obama's Union Bailout: A Good Crisis Going to Waste

-By Warner Todd Huston Even the New York Times can’t ignore the fact that Obama’s latest union bailout cash isn’t going to help anyone keep their jobs, and The New York Times is really good at ignoring things that make Democrats look bad. A few weeks ago Nancy Pelosi called the House of Representatives back... Read more »

$26.1 Billion Union Bailout Went to States that Didn't Need it

-By Warner Todd Huston As I mentioned in a previous discussion on the Democrats $26.1 billion bailout for unions that Speaker Pelosi pushed through Congress at the last minute this summer, there was no need for the money for the stated purpose of “saving teachers” jobs. After all many states still had $30 billion of... Read more »