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NBC Sports Removes 'Under God' From Kids Saying Pledge of Allegiance

-By Warner Todd Huston In its intro to the 2011 U.S. Open golf tournament, NBC Sports had a heart stirring montage of Old Glory, school kids reciting the pledge of allegiance, all intercut with some of golf’s biggest contemporary stars. It had everything: resounding music, patriotism, and golf. But one thing it didn’t have… the... Read more »

Democrats Against Our Intelligence Community

-By Warner Todd Huston Representatives Dennis Kucinich (D, Ohio), Barbara Lee (D, Calif.), Pete Stark (D, Calif.) and Lynn Woolsey (D, Calif.) Democrats all, do not seem to like our intel folks, especially those brave men that helped take out Osama bin Ladden — at President Obama’s orders, I’ll remind you. Late last week the... Read more »

Good to See University Students Acting Patriotically For A Change... But...

-By Warner Todd Huston Today a left-wing, anti-American student at Louisiana State University wanted to burn a flag for, he claimed, “due process for students and suspected terrorists alike.” Yeah. Whatever. As it happens, the students he was claiming to represent didn’t seem to appreciate his idea, though. Several hundred of them turned out to... Read more »

Do SEIU Members Know Their Union Consorts With America's Enemies?

-By Warner Todd Huston This is one thing that always flummoxes me. Over the last few decades American labor unions have increasingly become adjuncts, associates, pals, close friends — what ever you want to call them — with anti-American groups like the Communist Party USA and various socialist, anti-Israel groups, and pro-terror groups like the... Read more »

Movie: For Overseas Distribution 'Captain America' Won't Be Captain America

-By Warner Todd Huston The venerable Marvel comic book character Captain America has been, well, “Captain America” since 1941. But as of the 2011 release of the new movie “Captain America: The First Avenger,” he won’t be Captain American anymore. At least as far as the film’s title overseas goes, anyway. Apparently, Hollywood thinks a... Read more »

CBS's 'Medium' Present A Sheriff Joe Arpaio-Like Character As Rapist-Murderer

-By Warner Todd Huston On October 15, the Whodunnit/Psychic series “Medium,” which is set in Phoenix, Arizona, featured a character obviously based on tough-on-crime, real-life Sheriff Joe Arpaio. But instead of presenting him as a tough, but serious lawman, this TV show depicted its Arpaio-like character as a rapist of teen girls as well as... Read more »

U.S. College Pushes Anti-American, Pro-Islam Book

-By Warner Todd Huston We send our students to college to learn what they need to know to become good American citizens. From this knowledge we hope that they will realize useful, maybe even successful, lives. Perhaps they’ll even gain personal improvement through introspection from it all. At least that’s what we used to think.... Read more »

Democrats' Un-American Hate for the Constitution

-By Warner Todd Huston California Democrat Pete Stark thinks that the Constitution of the United States is powerless to control the every desire of Democrats. He thinks that the Constitution is not a guide for limited government, but an excuse for intrusive government. It’s easy to dismiss Stark over his long history of distempered public... Read more »

Are We Headed Toward Another Revolution?

-By Warner Todd Huston We see this sort of thing off and on as political eras wax and wane. The question of whether or not we are only just behind a new revolution starting up in the United States has been repeatedly asked almost since the instant the first one (or even the second one... Read more »

Podcast: Is Robocp an 'American Jesus' Because He Kills People?

The latest podcast discusses the recent interview with the director of the 1987 movie Robocop who said that he envisioned the Robocop character as an “American Jesus” because he shoots and kills his enemies.