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RightOnLine Hosts Andrew Breitbart Saturday Main Event Join my Live Tweeting

Join me as I live Tweet Andrew Breitbart at the RightOnLine evening event going on RIGHT NOW… http://twitter.com/#!/warnerthuston!

Anthony Weiner Admits He Sent the Original Photo, Lied About It

-By Warner Todd Huston Despite the many left-wingers spinning tales to make Weinergate the fault of conservative media mogul, Andrew Breitbart, Democrat New York Representative Anthony Weiner now admits that it was he who sent the original photo, that the underwear-clad person in the photo was indeed a photo of himself, and that he lied... Read more »

Even Lefty Website Mediaite Says Breitbart Did Not Lie about Weinergate

Even Lefty Website Mediaite Says Breitbart Did Not Lie about Weinergate -By Warner Todd Huston One of the things that the left has lighted upon to explain away the behavior of Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner with his Weinergate Twitter mess is typical of the way leftists try to misdirect a debate away from the failings... Read more »

Report: The 4th Annual Sammies

-By Warner Todd Huston On Friday, April 8, I attended the 4th Annual Sammies Awards, a yearly event that brings together reform-minded folks from across the country to celebrate the best of America. The winners are all recognized for their engagement as watchdogs, reformers, messengers, and strategists and rightfully so. This year’s keynote speaker was... Read more »

WINDs Amy Jacobson Slams Kelly, Reveals Inner Elitist

-By Warner Todd Huston WIND’s Amy Jacobson is an elitist. There really isn’t any other way to say it. Last week on the WIND AM 560 morning show where she serves as second banana to host Big John Howell, Jacobson indulged her inner elitist by attacking William Kelly for last week’s video where he was... Read more »

Two more Right Nation 2010 Videos: Andrew Breibart Confronts Lefty Protesters and Anita MonCrief Speaks

-By Warner Todd Huston These are the last two videos I will have for Right Nation 2010. The first one is a compilation of lefty protesters that Andrew Breitbart confronted before the night began. The amusing thing about this video is that the protesters had no idea why they were there and could not explain... Read more »

BREAKING: Sherrod Says She'll Sue Andrew Breitbart

-By Warner Todd Huston New Media mogul Andrew Breitbart faces a lawsuit from former USDA employee Shirley Sherrod over his posting of video of the woman in a seemingly racist outburst at an NAACP meeting. Sherrod made the announcement at the San Diego convention of the National Association of Black Journalists on Thursday, July 29.... Read more »

Media Matters Dishonestly Spins Anti-Fox Message Over Sherrod Firing

-By Warner Todd Huston You really have to hand it to Media Matters for America. I mean, they deserve an Olympic Gold Medal for the gymnastics that they evince while spinning the news to the extreme left-wing of the political spectrum. This whole Fox-didn’t-push-Sherrod story is a perfect example. Eric “Boomarwrong” Boehlert is shamelessly spinning... Read more »

Union Chief Claims He Witnessed 'Racism' At Tea Party...Yeah, Riiiiight

-By Warner Todd Huston Not long ago Andrew Breitbart issued a challenge to the anti-tea party left to show proof that the “N” word was thrown at black members of Congress by Tea Party protesters in their walk to Congress just prior to their passage on Obamacare. In fact, Breitbart has offered $100,000 for video... Read more »

Lord of the Rings Updated for 2010, The Dark Lord ACORN Lives

-By Warner Todd Huston The last book of the famous Lord of the Rings Trilogy is ripe for some updating, so here’s a proposal to that end. The Dark Lord Sauron is a perfect evil villain, of course. He’s shadowy, unseen, hard to grasp, but pervasive and the personification of oppression and evil. But his... Read more »