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Rick Santorum Radio Ad: Santorum, the Courage to Fight for America

-By Warner Todd Huston Well, Rick Santorum announced that he is definitely in the hunt for the 2012 GOP nomination last week and he’s already released his first radio ad. He’s the first GOP hopeful to dos so. It has the tag line, “Rick Santorum, the courage to fight for America.” Read the rest at... Read more »

New Civil Unions Law Already Infringing on Religious Freedom

From Lake County Right to Life… (Grayslake, IL – June 2, 2011) Illinois’ Civil Unions law went into effect June 1, and even State Sen. David Koehler, sponsor of the bill in the senate, is frustrated with its repercussions to religious freedom. Koehler made it clear that the law, ironically named “The Religious Freedom Protection... Read more »

Defunding of Planned Parenthood Upended With Secret Amendment in Tennessee Budget Work

-By Warner Todd Huston One of the Things Wrong With Our Legislative System Appears in Tennessee One of the things wrong with our system of creating legislation and passing it into law in America today has appeared in Tennessee. The Volunteer State is not the only place things like this happen, either. Recently the Tennessee... Read more »

Tenn. Voters To Get Chance to Say Abortion Not A 'Protected Right'

-By Warner Todd Huston This could shape up as a major battle between supporters of infanticide and pro-lifers in 2014. Pro-abortion forces will likely flood the Volunteer State with out-of-state money to defeat a referendum that may appear on the 2014 ballot allowing citizens to decide whether or not their state constitution really does have... Read more »

Pro-Life Group Rallies in Chicago

This past weekend in Chicago, pro-lifers came together to pay a special tribute to pro-life activism hero, Joe Scheidler. Pro-abortion groups found out about the event and began organizing a protest. Fortunately, the Chicago “LIFE Mob” had the event covered. They showed up with their trademark yellow “LIFE” balloons, outnumbered the protesters, and showed their... Read more »

GOP Hopefuls Support Cuts to Planned Parenthood Funding

-By Warner Todd Huston Remember, President Obama is an advocate of infanticide… The pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony List has announced that nine potential GOP presidential candidates have signed on to a call for Congress to defund the abortion mill organization Planned Parenthood. The pro-life group has statements from Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Governor Haley Barbour,... Read more »

New Pro-Life Billboard With Obama Image From Group Warning of 'Black Genocide'

-By Warner Todd Huston Chicago, Illinois: A new pro-life billboard will be unveiled on March 29 on Chicago’s South side in a heavily African American area. The Chicago billboard will feature a graphic of President Obama with its message saying, “Every 21 minutes, our next possible leader is aborted.” The display is sponsored by the... Read more »

Texas Abortion Centers Killing Teen's Babies Without Informing Parents

-By Warner Todd Huston Texas has a parental notification law for abortions. Underage teens are not supposed to be allowed to have the procedure until her parents are made aware of the crisis. Unfortunately, it has been discovered that many abortion mills in Texas are breaking the law and killing the babies of under aged... Read more »

Mitch Daniels Explains Himself Well... But Having to is a Problem

-By Warner Todd Huston Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels once again did a fine job explaining himself over his recent seemingly controversial opposition to introducing any right to work laws in Indiana. Turns out he really isn’t that opposed to it, but he sure seemed to be against the idea a few days ago. He has... Read more »

Planned Parenthood Funding A Defacto Abortion Tax on America

-By Warner Todd Huston With the anniversary of Roe v. Wade it is the perfect time to highlight the fact that the millions upon millions of federal tax dollars that have gone to fund the abortion mill organization Planned Parenthood is a defacto abortion tax levied on the American taxpayers. In 2008 alone, Planned Parenthood... Read more »