It IS what makes the world go around, isn't it?

Unfortunately it is true that we all need cash if we are going to keep on doing what we need to do. And, this being the case, we at Publius' Forum have decided to give our readers the opportunity to assist us in keeping the lights on at Publius' Forum by donating via PayPal to our cause.

We have a dozen writers that bring to you the latest in political opinion and news and have been doing so since 2001. And, up to now, it has all been paid for out of my pocket.

Certainly, I have enjoyed this work and will not stop doing it now. But, this site has grown from something that I was doing a few hours a week and hosted on a free server to one that I manage every day for several hours and hosted on a bought and paid for hosting service with an official web address and everything. I have purchased on which to host all our archives and photos. The amount of time I spend on this project alone has grown to the point where it is a bit overwhelming at times.

Not to sound TOO much like I am complaining, but it has become more like a job than a hobby.

So, If you have enjoyed the articles our writers work so hard producing and you can spare even a small amount, please go to our PayPal account and donate today. Click on the PayPal logo below and that will take you to their site.

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Thank you so very much in advance and I hope that our work here has been useful to you in your fight against leftism and the political battles of our times.

Yours, Warner Todd Huston - Proprietor Publius' Forum