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Homer/Lockport Tea Party: Help Scott Walker

From the Homer/Lockport Tea Party… Time is of the essence in replying to this email. ARE YOU ABLE TO HELP IN WISCONSIN???? THIS IS WHY WE NEED YOU Liberal activists who are advancing the RECALL campaigns against Republican Gov. Scott Walker, the Republican Lt. Governor and four Republican State Senators are vigorously active. They are... Read more »

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Secret New York Trip, Transparency OFF The Agenda

-By Warner Todd Huston Well, looks like the RahmFather isn’t going to be one of those mayors that gets all excited by that silly old transparency stuff. Fox Business Network revealed that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was in New York on a secret visit on Tuesday and this is the second secret trip that Mayor... Read more »

Calumnies: What The Left Is Saying About Wis. Recall Petition Verification Effort

-By Warner Todd Huston Several different left-wing political sites as well as the Democrat Party of Wisconsin are pulling out all their rhetorical tricks to cast aspersions on the recall petition signatures verification effort in an attempt to damage the legitimacy of the campaign in the minds of Wisconsin’s voters. These organizations have launched a... Read more »

Wisc. Voter's Name Fraudulently Signed Four Times to Same Recall Petition

-By Warner Todd Huston A self identified Wisconsin watchdog group called Citizens for Responsible Government of Racine reports that a Racine man found his name signed four separate times to the petition to recall Republican State Senator Van Wanggaard, but the voter, Jeff Demet, said had never signed the recall petitions at all. As watchdog... Read more »

NEW SONG: I Stand With Walker

Glen Shulfer has a new song in support of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. You might remember Glen’s earlier song Union Man.

From a TV Show to A Fight for Campus Free Speech

-By Warner Todd Huston This video, which features an interview with legendary author Neil Gaiman (famed science fiction, fantasy and comic book writer), is a lighthearted look at how the University of Wisconsin-Stout ended up being forced to back down from its oppression of the free speech of one of its professors. Professor James Miller’s... Read more »

Unions Acting Like Unions Harassing Teacher Supporting Gov. Walker

-By Warner Todd Huston Kristi Lacroix, a Wisconsin teacher, appeared in a political ad produced by education reform supporters of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Now, her union is retaliating against her so harshly that she is considering quitting her job in public education because of the harassment. As Kyle Walker says in the video, this... Read more »

Wisc.: Walker's Union Reforms Are Working! (A Lesson for Illinois)

-By Warner Todd Huston Governor Scott Walker was the worst devil the unions could imagine. They targeted him and Wisconsin’s Republicans mercilessly earlier this year. Fortunately, the unions and their Democrat handmaidens lost most of these battles. But now some results are being seem from the efforts to curtail the un-democratic, unearned power of Wisconsin’s... Read more »

Labor Unions Support Wisconsin Agitators

Until now many of the often-illegal antics perpetuated by several individual Wisconsin-based protesters appeared to be random acts committed by disillusioned agitators. But the MacIver News Service has learned that these acts have been highly orchestrated and perpetuated by an organization whose members are told to deny their involvement in the group. A group, we’ve... Read more »

Lib Activist Physically Assaults GOP Lawmaker in Wisconsin, Media Silent

-By Warner Todd Huston A known liberal activist that has for months been stalking several Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin, verbally abusing them, has finally crossed the line into a physical attack. So… where is the Old Media to chronicle this assault? Sadly, no where to be seen. On Sept. 14 left-wing activist Miles Kirstan entered... Read more »