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How is Obamacare being Received in the States?

-By Warner Todd Huston has been doing yeomen’s work covering how the various states are reacting to Obamacare and the Supreme Court ruling making it legal. You can see the collected stories HERE, but here are a few highlights: Wisc.: Walker says he won’t implement it. Vir.: McDonnell: “This is a blow for freedom”... Read more »

Assoc. Press Now Pushing Anti-Scott Walker Story About… Beer?

-By Warner Todd Huston The Associated Press seems to be still on the lookout for stories about how Wisconsinites (especially “unions”) hate Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker — yes, even after he beat a recall attempt getting even more votes than he did during his first run for the Guv’s manse. This time AP is pushing... Read more »

It's Come to This: The 'Tolerant' Left's Twitter Wishes for Scott Walker to be Assassinated

-By Warner Todd Huston Yep, now the left reveals it’s true black, hateful, murderous heart… I hope the governor has a good team of body guards that have all been vetted to make sure none of them are Democrats. This is the heart of leftism. They love “democracy” when it goes their way. But when... Read more »

Wis. Victory Lap, Old Media Backtracking Already…

The American Future Fund just uncorked this great jbbaroo… Love it. **UPDATE** … aaaannnd the union thug crying begins… This is the funniest thing I’ve seen for a looooong time. All I can say is… Are you crying? There’s no crying in union thuggery!! Bwaaaahahahahaha

Democrat Vote Fraud Efforts Focusing on Dane and Milwaukee Counties

-By Warner Todd Huston A few moments ago Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard reported on his Twitter that Democrats are getting a lawsuit ready in an attempt to get some left-wing judge to allow Dane and Milwaukee Counties to keep their polling places open late into the night so they can scam as many... Read more »

Chris Plante Show: Dems Shipping in Busloads of Fraudulent Voters into Wisconsin

-By Warner Todd Huston This is the massive vote fraud I’ve been warning about and Gov. Walker better be prepared for it. WMAL’s Chris Plante got a call today from a man claiming to be on one of four busses that are driving from Michigan to Wisconsin in order to have fraudulent voters flood the... Read more »

Prediction: Media Will Dismiss Walker Win as Meaningless

-By Warner Todd Huston As I write this it is only hours before the polls in Wisconsin open to take votes for the Walker recall effort. Polling data says that Walker will likely win this election, though the media spin this as a “close” thing. Whether Walker will win or not I won’t guess on... Read more »

Racine Tea Party Rally for Scott Walker/Kleefisch (Also Paul Ryan, Dana Loesch, Tony Katz, More)

-By Warner Todd Huston This morning I got up bright and early, jumped into the car and took a drive up into Wisconsin to witness the Racine Tea Party rally in support of Wisc. Governor Scott Walker. Speakers included the lovely Rebecca Kleefisch (Wis. Lt. Gov.), Rep. Paul Ryan, State Senator Van Wanggaard, Talk Show... Read more »

Supporting Wisconsin's Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch

-By Warner Todd Huston Many of you are aware of the recall election being held in Wisconsin. There, leftists and union thugs throughout the state are trying to oust the only recently elected Republican Governor, Scott Walker. But something many don’t realize is that Walker’s Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, is also under recall in this... Read more »

Illinoisans, Join us in Fighting for Economic Freedom in Wisconsin‏

From Americans for Prosperity-Illinois… As activity in the fight for economic freedom in our nation and state picks up, I wanted to update you on all of the activity at Americans for Prosperity- Illinois and highlight some important opportunities where you can make a difference for liberty. Fighting for Freedom in Wisconsin: The courageous, common-sense... Read more »