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Giving Thanks for Being Sick This Thanksgiving

-By Warner Todd Huston Early this morning I woke up retching. Now there is a great way to start a Thanksgiving Day post, isn’t it? But even though the mere smell of my wife’s wonderful Thanksgiving dinner cooking in the kitchen is making me nauseous it still makes me realize just how thankful I am... Read more »

Professor: Hey That Thanksgiving Holiday is a Nazi Holiday, Ya Know?

-By Warner Todd Huston Yep, it’s another left-wing, anti-American, so-called “educator” coming out on one of our traditional national holidays and claiming that America is evil. Unfortunately, it’s become a tradition on every holiday that somewhere in the country a taxpayer supported university professor will come forth to trash one of our American traditions and... Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

We take the rest of the day off to be with family and friends. But, please do take some time to look over our past work in the archives. In the meantime, God bless you and have a Happy Thanksgiving and see you tomorrow. And we are thankful for your readership.

Thanksgiving Story: Why There Are No Communist Pilgrims

-By Warner Todd Huston With as Euroized as Democrats and their supporters in our miseducation establishment have become these days, one shouldn’t be surprised to learn that one of the important lessons of Plymouth Colony — popularly known as the Pilgrims — is practically unknown in our schools today. We are all familiar with the... Read more »