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Democrat Vote Fraud Efforts Focusing on Dane and Milwaukee Counties

-By Warner Todd Huston A few moments ago Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard reported on his Twitter that Democrats are getting a lawsuit ready in an attempt to get some left-wing judge to allow Dane and Milwaukee Counties to keep their polling places open late into the night so they can scam as many... Read more »

Prediction: Media Will Dismiss Walker Win as Meaningless

-By Warner Todd Huston As I write this it is only hours before the polls in Wisconsin open to take votes for the Walker recall effort. Polling data says that Walker will likely win this election, though the media spin this as a “close” thing. Whether Walker will win or not I won’t guess on... Read more »

Dear Ill. Teachers Unions: You Can't HANDLE The Truth

-By Warner Todd Huston The teachers unions in Illinois are mad. They are unhappy that their scheme of having their personal, employee contributions to their own pensions paid by the taxpayer has been exposed. Echoing the Tom Cruise flick A Few Good Men, these teachers can’t handle the truth. The Illinois Policy Institute issued a... Read more »

Homer/Lockport Tea Party: Help Scott Walker

From the Homer/Lockport Tea Party… Time is of the essence in replying to this email. ARE YOU ABLE TO HELP IN WISCONSIN???? THIS IS WHY WE NEED YOU Liberal activists who are advancing the RECALL campaigns against Republican Gov. Scott Walker, the Republican Lt. Governor and four Republican State Senators are vigorously active. They are... Read more »

Wealthy Michigan Teacher Upset She Can't Retire at 47

-By Warner Todd Huston It’s just unfair, isn’t it? I mean, if an $80,000-per-year, union protected, unfireable, teacher can’t retire at the extremely young age of 47 while the rest of us have to work into our 70s, well, what kind of world are we living in? That’s how teachers in Michigan feel, anyway. Just... Read more »

Wisc. Voter's Name Fraudulently Signed Four Times to Same Recall Petition

-By Warner Todd Huston A self identified Wisconsin watchdog group called Citizens for Responsible Government of Racine reports that a Racine man found his name signed four separate times to the petition to recall Republican State Senator Van Wanggaard, but the voter, Jeff Demet, said had never signed the recall petitions at all. As watchdog... Read more »

Find Out How Much Illinois State Workers Will Make in Pensions off Your Back

Illinois has a pension bomb! Find out what YOUR pension could be if you were a judge, a police officer, a teacher, or other state employee using this handy Pension Calulator from the Illinois Policy Institute. State and local government employees collect taxpayer-guaranteed pension benefits that are far more generous than those available to most... Read more »

Restoring American Exceptionalism – Chicago Townhall

-By Warner Todd Huston I just got back from a wonderful evening taking school choice at the Restoring American Exceptionalism, Chicago Townhall. In attendance were radio talk show host Michael Medved, Fox News contributor Juan Williams, and Dr. Paul Worfel, Director of Education of Trinity International University. The discussion was moderated by John Tillman of... Read more »

NEW SONG: I Stand With Walker

Glen Shulfer has a new song in support of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. You might remember Glen’s earlier song Union Man.

More Illinois Education Pension Abuse

-By Warner Todd Huston The Associated Press reports that dozens of lobbyists and employees of private education-related groups as well as members of the Special Olympics are supposedly eligible for taxpayer funded pensions simply because these groups are or have been associated with Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois. Unfortunately, what has happened is that... Read more »