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DNC's Joe Biden Video Features Joe Standing With a Union Criminal

-By Warner Todd Huston The Democrat National Committee wanted to make a nice heartwarming video telling America and convention goers how wonderful ol’ “Sheriff Joe” Biden is. But, oops, one of the still photos included in the retrospective shows Biden standing chummy with a union member that was arrested for pick pocketing in 2009. The... Read more »

Just as Bad: Proof of Ill. GOP Consorting With Union Thugs

-By Warner Todd Huston Trevor Loudon attended last week’s GOP convention and discovered the sad evidence that the Illinois Republican Party is just as bad as Democrats in its desire to consort with extremist, left-wing Marxists and union thugs — not to mention fill their pockets with that dirty money. At the GOP convention, Loudon... Read more »

Former SEIU Boss Andy Stern Becomes Albatross

-By Warner Todd Huston The board of directors at the bio-warfare company SIGA likely thought they had made the hire of the century last year when they took on former Service Employees International Union President Andy Stern. In fact, for a while, Stern, one of Obama’s most frequent White House visitors and close confidantes, seemed... Read more »