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New Jersey Police Say Blind People Don't Deserve Constitutional Rights

-By Warner Todd Huston Are you a blind person living in New Jersey? Well, according to your police there, they think because you are blind you shouldn’t be allowed to have your Constitutional right to bear arms. This is exactly what they told a Rockaway man over four years ago. But he’s had the last... Read more »

Salon: Why Worry About Obama and Guns, America?

-By Warner Todd Huston When Barack Obama first won the White House, gun sales soared because supporters of the Constitution rightfully understood that Barack Obama is a gun-banner at heart. They feared he’d attack their Constitutional rights and begin a long trail of legislation or regulatory efforts to ban guns. Everyone has been surprised —... Read more »

Court Reinstates Suit Challenging Cook County Assault Weapons Ban

-By The Chicago Sun Times SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois Supreme Court gave new life Thursday to a challenge to Cook County’s ban on assault weapons. A judge was wrong to throw out the challenge, and so was the appeals court that upheld that ruling, the state’s high court said in sending the case back to... Read more »

Gun Owners of America Endorses Rep. Manzullo Over Rep. Kinzinger

From the Campaign to re-elect Rep. Don Manzullo (R., 16th District)… Manzullo continues to sweep conservative endorsements 11-0 [WASHINGTON] – Gun Owners of America, a national conservative group founded 37 years ago to defend the 2nd Amendment rights of gun owners, has endorsed Congressman Don Manzullo (R-IL) for re-election over his opponent, Congressman Adam Kinzinger... Read more »

This is What Guns Were Made For

-By Warner Todd Huston One of the main purposes for guns in the American philosophy is certainly a controversial idea. It is an aspect of the Second Amendment that few people today are comfortable talking about, but, uncomfortable or no, it is a major factor in the necessity and usefulness of the Second Amendment in... Read more »

DC Deputy Mayor: Dear Victims of Crime, Better You Are Beaten, Raped, Stolen From Than You Protect Yourself

-By Warner Todd Huston Washington D.C.’s Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice wants you all to just stop whining about the rising crime in his fair city. He wants you to continue being a victim and like it. Not only that, but he thinks it’s a good thing that you should become a victim.... Read more »

Manzullo Urges Illinois Officials to Oppose Bills that Would Undermine the Rights of Gun Owners

From Rep. Don Manzullo (R., 16th District)… [ROCKFORD] – Congressman Don Manzullo (R-IL) today urged Illinois leaders to oppose gun control legislation working its way through the Illinois General Assembly and instead join our nation’s 49 other states and pursue viable conceal-carry legislation. In a letter to Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-IL) and Republican... Read more »

Albracht for Senate: DO NOT TAX OUR FIREARMS!

From the Albracht for Senate campaign… Bill Albracht stands, unequivocally, against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s proposal to register and tax all firearms in the State of Illinois: “Considering the condition of the State of Illinois and how business is conducted in Chicago, I must step back and consider the proposal of Mayor Emmanuel to register... Read more »

Lennie Jarratt Announces Support for 2nd Amendment Rights

From the Jarratt for Senate (31st District) campaign… (Round Lake, IL – February 10, 2011) Lennie Jarratt condemns the assault on the 2nd Amendment by Springfield with bills such as HB 1294, HB 1599, HB 1855 and the proposed gun registry by Mayor Emmanuel. Jarratt stated, “The 2nd amendment is enshrined in our Constitution and... Read more »

Alert: Three Anti-Gun Bills In Illinois

From the Illinois Rifle Association… Your Immediate Action Needed: Pending House Votes on Three Anti-Gun Bills in Illinois Three anti-gun bills passed yesterday in the state House Rules Committee and could be voted on at anytime when the House convenes next Tuesday. The three following bills are a direct attack on your Second Amendment rights... Read more »