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The Business of Guns: An Economic Powerhouse!

Gun manufacturing and sales is big business in the United States–as it turns out, one of the biggest. In terms of gun ownership, the U.S. is the runaway global leader. There are nearly nine firearms for every 10 American citizens; this proportion is 40% higher than that of Yemen, which ranks second in the world... Read more »

KoolKing83 Attacks: A ChicagoNow Blogger War That I am a Year Late in Noticing

ChicagoNow Blogger ‘KoolKing83’ Needs to Look Up the Word ‘Facts’ Usually I don’t indulge “blog wars,” as if I did that would be all I’d be able to do! After all, I write a lot of stuff and get attacked by enemies of good sense nearly as often. But in a ChicagoNow post by KoolKing83... Read more »

There is NO Such Thing as an 'Assault Rifle'

-By Warner Todd Huston There is no such thing as an “assault weapon.” Oh, the left pretends there is such a creature but when they try to define an “assault weapon,” all they end up doing is describing what such a weapon looks like not what it does or how “dangerous” it is. Essentially you... Read more »

Guns to Stop Government Attack? Don't Be Ridiculous! Ask Elian Gonzalez!

-By Warner Todd Huston What is it that Second Amendment activists keep saying? That we need our guns to save us from government tyranny? Well, all you right wingers out there saying you need guns because you are afraid of the government attacking you in your homes…. stop with the histrionics, will you? That would... Read more »

The U.S. is NOT Experiencing a 'Gun Violence Crisis'

-By Warner Todd Huston Everywhere we turn we see liberals crying, weeping, and gnashing their teeth over the “gun violence crisis” we are experiencing in this country. But this claim is simply an outright lie. Crime in the U.S. has fallen by fifty percent in the last 20 years. Fifty percent! Yet we have gun-banners... Read more »

Shouldn't Jesse Jackson Jr. Have His Gun Rights Revoked by Ill. State Police?

-By Warner Todd Huston We all know that Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. is a huge anti-gun activist. It is also public knowledge in Illinois that he is a holder of an Illinois Firearms Owner ID (a FOID card). This state-issued ID that allows Illinois residents to legally purchase firearms and ammunition is supposed to be... Read more »

Wash Post Imagines Non-Existent 'Questions About Gun Violence' at Olympics

-By Warner Todd Huston The headline of the Internet version of a Washington Post story about the shooting sports at the Olympics asserts that “even at the Olympics” the Olympians face questions about gun violence. Yet, upon reading the article, it is clear that the author of the piece is saying that none of the... Read more »

Mayor Emanuel's 'Chicago Values': Chicago, Deadliest Global City

-By Warner Todd Huston Well, thank goodness for Rahm Emanuel’s “Chicago values,” eh? NBC Chicago is now reporting that it is more dangerous to live in Chicago than any other great city of the world. Isn’t it wonderful that Rahm Emanuel came from Washington to save the city? As the TV station reports it, Chicago... Read more »

ABC News Chief: Our Colorado Coverage Was Great… Except for That Brian Ross Business

-By Warner Todd Huston ABC News President Ben Sherwood held a conference call of staffers on July 24 and told them that he felt his network’s coverage of the shooting at a Colorado theater was topnotch work, well, except for that whole smearing of the Tea Party indulged by ABC News chief investigative reporter Brian... Read more »

MSNBC's Toure: Colorado Shooting All About Racism

-By Warner Todd Huston Proving that racism can be found literally anywhere by an enterprising MSNBC talking head, the single-monikered Toure of The Cycle quixotically told the show’s panel that he thought that racism lies at the root of the response to the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. During a discussion on the political atmosphere... Read more »