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CNN Plays 'Stupid Girl' To Intro Piece on Sarah Palin

-By Warner Todd Huston Apparently they wish they hadn’t done it now, but CNN must have thought it was a hilarious thing to play a song by singer Pink titled Stupid Girl as it introduced a report on Sarah Palin’s support of Chick-Fil-A on its July 29 Sunday morning program. Palin and husband Todd visited... Read more »

Right Online 2012: Las Vegas, Nevada

-By Warner Todd Huston I am here in Las Vegas this weekend to attend Right Online 2012 (the 5th annual) sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. Last night was epic and today’s activities promise to be even greater. Friday Last night we were regaled by a welcoming by Americans For Prosperity President Tim Phillips and a... Read more »

CBS Radio News: Still Attacking Sarah Palin in 'News' Reports

-By Warner Todd Huston In a report on the recent FCC rules tightening requirements for telemarketers, CBS Radio couldn’t resist loosening a shot at Sarah Palin even though she has been out of office for several years already and has taken no part in political robocalls for some time. (Listen to audio HERE) There is... Read more »

Sarah Palin's Main CPAC Speech Points: Did She Sell Out?

-By Warner Todd Huston I am just now back home from CPAC and I thought I’d wrap up my CPAC reports with the main points from Sarah Palin’s CPAC speech. I will have video of a dozen or so GOP candidates for Senate and the House over the ensuing days as well as a short... Read more »

Chicago Tea Party: See You In Iowa: Sarah Palin‏

From the Chicago Tea Party… Free Road Trip: Restoring America Rally featuring Sarah Palin The

Obama's Lincoln/Railroad Gaffe, why Did Old Media Ignore This?

-By Warner Todd Huston In keeping with the many dozens of gaffes that Obama has made over the years, Verum Serum found another one from last February that has, with the help of the Old Media, slipped under the radar. Just more proof that Obama’s constant gaffes go unreported by the Old Media while they... Read more »