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Transparency a Must to Protect Our Ecosystem

April brought us Earth Day and with it at focus on both our ecosystem and those that claim it is their highest interest to protect the same. With reflection, though, we have to wonder if these self-appointed guardians of our environment are really just foxes guarding the henhouse succumbing to the temptation of power and... Read more »

'Enemies of the State': Fox News to Air Repot on Gov't Harassment

-By Warner Todd Huston We are seeing news of left-wingers' fascist attacks all across the country. With the resignation of Mozilla's CEO who only had his position for a week, to Dem. Senate Majority "leader" Harry Reid from the floor of the U.S. Senate attempting to destroy the Constitutional right of conservatives to donate to political causes to Obama verbally attacking individual Americans and using his IRS to destroy his enemies, we live in perilous times for freedom of speech. Without a doubt Obama's government is constantly whipping up hatred for anyone who disagrees with the liberal line. So, at 10PM Eastern on Saturday, April 5, Fox is airing FOX News Reporting: Enemies of the State to expound on this anti-free speech crusade being perpetrated by people and entities ranging from President Obama, Senate Democrat leader Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, to the NSA and the IRS and others on the left-wing of the American political sphere. The one-hour special will be hosted by FNC’s Jon Scott and will focus on Americans who have found themselves in the crosshairs of their own government. During the program, Scott will be joined by FNC senior national correspondent John Roberts and co-anchor of America’s News HQ Greg Jarrett to investigate four issues where private citizens found themselves in battles against the government...

Ill Reps Roskam, Hultgren Talk Defunding Obamacare

-By Warner Todd Huston Two of our Republican Congressmen have voted in favor of defunding Obamacare and in delaying it for a year in order to try and fix the hundreds of problems and failures in which Obama’s healthcare law is mired. Sixth District Republican Peter Roskam says that the American people are in “clear... Read more »

Bankrupting America's New Webseries: The Government

(Not a bad little video. Good humor, nicely acted. This is worth watching…) Follow the day-to-day office life of a federal agency trying desperately to spend their way to a bigger budget. Learn more:

Cyber Theft: Think Your Bank is Secure? Think Again!

-By Warner Todd Huston We all, individuals and businesses alike, have this basic assumption that when we put our money in a bank it is safe. But is it? Apparently not so much as the experience of small business TRC indicates when hackers reached into the company’s California-based bank account and drained it of nearly... Read more »

Guns to Stop Government Attack? Don't Be Ridiculous! Ask Elian Gonzalez!

-By Warner Todd Huston What is it that Second Amendment activists keep saying? That we need our guns to save us from government tyranny? Well, all you right wingers out there saying you need guns because you are afraid of the government attacking you in your homes…. stop with the histrionics, will you? That would... Read more »

There is No Republican Party

-By Warner Todd Huston There are a few undeniable facts about this last election. The most important one is that the name “Republican” has been damaged beyond repair. Millions of voters that have in the past voted GOP did not turn out to oust the most un-American, most socialist leaning president in American history.They stayed... Read more »

Ukraine's Leading Party Coming Out Strong

-By Warner Todd Huston There are a lot of Chicagoans from Ukraine, so I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what is going on there with the upcoming elections. Ukraine is readying itself for its first nationwide ballot since President Viktor Yanukovych took office and polls are now showing that Yanukovych’s... Read more »

Quinn Gets an 'F' in New Govs. Report Card

-By Warner Todd Huston Well, looks like Illinois gets another great award proving it to truly be the worst of the worst in all the United States. This time our esteemed governor, Pat Quinn, has been awarded a richly deserved grade of “F” in a new report rating the nation’s governors for how well their... Read more »

Obama Refuses to Submit New Regulations Plan Required By Law

-By Warner Todd Huston Early every spring an administration is required by law to submit its regulatory plans for the year. Obama, however, has refused to submit this report perhaps afraid of how badly it might impact his prospects for re-election. The spring 2012 Regulatory Agenda is supposed to be submitted so that both Congress... Read more »