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Too Many Illinois Republican Congressmen Giving Unions Free Tax Dollars

-By Warner Todd Huston For such a blue state, Illinois has some rather good Republicans in Congress, but on one issue many of them consistently fail. That is in their unfortunate support for Big Labor. The issue of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) is a perfect example of this penchant to support issues dear to the... Read more »

Dear Ill. Teachers Unions: You Can't HANDLE The Truth

-By Warner Todd Huston The teachers unions in Illinois are mad. They are unhappy that their scheme of having their personal, employee contributions to their own pensions paid by the taxpayer has been exposed. Echoing the Tom Cruise flick A Few Good Men, these teachers can’t handle the truth. The Illinois Policy Institute issued a... Read more »

Sen. Jacobs Votes NO On Pension Reform!

From the Albracht for Senate campaign… For too long the Democrat controlled Senate has used pension “sweeteners” to woo state government employees. The bait and switch policy of underfunding pensions while distracting the government union’s attention by providing additional compensation has now come home with a vengeance. Both sides of the aisle realize that there... Read more »

Jarratt for Senate: Pension Reform and the 2nd Amendment‏

From the Jarratt for Senate (31st District) campaign… Common Sense Pension Reform This week, I released my common sense pension reform plan. It can be summarized as follows: No Pension issued under 20 years of service Pension payout will be set on last 10 year salary average Elected Officials will not earn a pension without... Read more »

Lennie Jarratt Proposes Common Sense Pension Reform

From the Jarratt for Senate (31st District) campaign… (Round Lake, IL – February 15, 2011) Lennie Jarratt proposes common sense pension reform. For years, Springfield has made simple issues complicated and full of loop holes and special rules for certain individuals which allow family, friends and campaign donors to increase their pension retirement payout and... Read more »

Dold Encourages Inclusion of His “No Pensions for Felons” Legislation in STOCK Act

From the office of Rep. Robert Dold (Ill., 10th District)… Congressman Dold issued the following statement after the United States Senate included the Blumenthal/Kirk Amendment to their version of the STOCK Act: “I am pleased to see that the United States Senate unanimously agreed to include the ‘No Pensions for Felons’ language to S. 2038,... Read more »

Kent Gaffney Urges State to Pass Pension Reform Now

From the campaign to re-elect State Rep Kent Gaffney (52nd District)… As part of reform effort, Rep. Gaffney turns down legislative pension Fox River Grove, IL – State Representative Kent Gaffney (R-Lake Barrington) is urging the Illinois General Assembly to pass comprehensive pension reform now. As part of the reform effort, Representative Gaffney announced that... Read more »

Congressman Dold Testifies on his No Pensions for Felons Bill

From the office of Rep. Robert Dold (Ill., 10th District)… WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman Robert Dold (IL-10) testified at an Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, U.S. Postal Service and Labor Policy Hearing on “Retirement Readiness: Strengthening the Federal Pension System.” Dold spoke about his bipartisan bill, H.R. 2162, The Congressional Integrity... Read more »

Find Out How Much Illinois State Workers Will Make in Pensions off Your Back

Illinois has a pension bomb! Find out what YOUR pension could be if you were a judge, a police officer, a teacher, or other state employee using this handy Pension Calulator from the Illinois Policy Institute. State and local government employees collect taxpayer-guaranteed pension benefits that are far more generous than those available to most... Read more »

Rep. Tom Cross: Pension Abuse Tackled‏

From the Illinois House Republicans… New law ends Fraud and Abuse in Illinois Pensions The new year has ushered in a landmark new reform law to finally bring an end to fraud and abuse in Illinois’ public pension systems. On Thursday, Governor Pat Quinn signed into law a bill I sponsored ending the practice of... Read more »