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Mike Madigan’s 11 Favorite Republicans

-By Doug Ibendahl Mike Madigan is having a nice chuckle today at the expense of the Illinois Republican Party. That’s assuming of course Mike Madigan even thinks about the Illinois Republican Party. My sense is Madigan worries about the Illinois GOP to the same extent the eagle worries about the sparrow. Over the weekend at... Read more »

IL GOP Delegates Furious Over 'Rigged' Convention

From William J. Kelly…

13th District: Republican Party Background Check Raises more Questions than Answers

-By Jon Zahm To be a candidate for the Illinois 13th the Party requires the following survey to be filled out. If the link does not work you can find it under “Party Resources” at The types of questions here are very personal in nature. They ask for information on family members and even... Read more »

Why Is GOP Chair Pat Brady Involved in a County Chairman's Race? This is Why…

-By Warner Todd Huston A week or two ago I reported on a sort of messy little battle going on in Kane County for the Chairmanship of the County Board. The fight is between longtime State Senator Chris Lauzen — retiring 25th District State Senator — and Kevin Burns — the current Mayor of Geneva.... Read more »

Illinois GOP State Central Committee Meeting: Sound and Fury Signifying No Changes

-By Warner Todd Huston In one of the most well attended yet contentious State Central Committee meetings for some time, the movers and shakers of the Illinois GOP met on Tuesday evening to attempt to decide if the system for certifying delegates for GOP presidential candidates should be changed. The short answer is that there... Read more »

Illinois GOP to Change How Presidential Candidate Delegates Chosen

-By Warner Todd Huston In a follow up to my post last week on the proposed changes on how Illinois selects the delegates for GOP presidential candidates, more needs to be said about this as on the evening of Tuesday, September 6, the Illinois GOP State Central Committee will meet to discuss whether or not... Read more »