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NPR Fawns Over Interview Programmed by White House

-By Warner Todd Huston Journalists used to pride themselves on their independence. They once thought that hard questions were their stock and trade especially when it came to hurling those questions at politicians. But even as they congratulate each other for their efforts — as NPR did recently — it appears that hard questions and... Read more »

NPR's Totenberg Says Bankers and Businessmen are 'Super Crooked'

-By Warner Todd Huston National Public Radio’s Nina Totenberg appeared on the July 20 episode of PBS’s Inside Washington when the discussion turned back to Obama’s attack on American businesses and those successful enough to become a target of the his ire. But Totenberg wasn’t going for any blame being assigned to Obama. To her... Read more »

Tax Supported NPR Hires Lobbyists to get More Tax Money

-By Warner Todd Huston This may sound like a contradiction, but tax-supported National Public Radio is hiring more lobbyists to help get more tax dollars sent its way. In what many see as a parasitic relationship, NPR is using tax dollars to hire the big lobbying firm of Navigators Global charging them with the duty... Read more »

Disgraced NPR Chief Picked to Head New NBC News Digital

-By Warner Todd Huston Proving that no misdeed goes unrewarded on the left, reports have it that once Microsoft and NBC News break up housekeeping and put an end to in its current form, the resulting new Internet outlet will be getting a new chief. And that new chief will be none other than... Read more »

NPR Hosannas: Obama's Voice 'Clears Up The Weather'

-By Warner Todd Huston At around 130 days until Election Day, National Public Radio thought it would be nice to give the President a little boost by going back to its 2008 practice of assigning to Obama the god-like powers of The One, The Light Bringer, The Obammessiah. This time tax dollar supported NPR thought... Read more »

Revisionism: Old Timer Phil Donahue Injects Racism Into 2002 Iraq War Vote

-By Warner Todd Huston Old-timer Phil Donahue, about who rumor has it used to have some sort of TV show back in the previous century, has recently turned up on NPR for some unexplainable reason. And, like his long past career, he’s dwelling equally in the past with his new comments about the authorization of... Read more »

NPR: Again Falsely Blaming Giffords' Shooting on Uncivil Political Rhetoric

-By Warner Todd Huston I suppose we couldn’t get past the one-year anniversary of the crime against Democrat Representative Gabrielle Giffords without some Old Media outlet blaming the supposed “heated” political rhetoric of the day for her shooting. On Sunday we saw NPR doing just that. The fact is, no matter how many times they... Read more »