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Fox Business Network Covering Illinois Primary Tonight at 7PM

-By Warner Todd Huston If you’re looking for some expert commentary on the Illinois primaries, Fox Business Network will be providing up-to-the-minute coverage tonight anchored by the inimitable Neil Cavuto. The coverage will kick off at 7PM and will feature Jeff Flock here on the ground in Chicago. FBN’s Neil Cavuto has been covering the... Read more »

Ill. Non-Romneys Your Choice on Tues is Rick AND Newt--That's Right, You'll Vote for BOTH of Them!

-By Warner Todd Huston If you are an Illinois voter that considers himself an ABR (anybody but Romney) you have a bit of a dilemma. Rick Santorum has been surging across the country as the final non-Romney but he has a major problem in Illinois. He can win the popular vote and still not get... Read more »

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO -- Newt Responds to President: Let Obama Be the Saudi Oil and Algae Guy, I'll be the American Jobs Guy

-By Warner Todd Huston Republican Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich appeared at Otto Engineering in Carpentersville, Illinois this afternoon and had a few choice words for Barack Obama. Newt told the president than he can be the fantasy algae guy and he, Newt, will be the science candidate. Newt Slams the President as a member of... Read more »

Coverage of Tonight's GOP Debate

Coverage will begin as soon as the debate starts…

CPAC Straw Poll: It’s Mitt!

-By Warner Todd Huston (Apologies, ChicagoNew readers. In all the rush to get the heck out of Washington, I just noticed I never posted this here.) 3,408 CPAC attendees participated in this year’s straw poll, the poll’s second highest number of participants, and they picked Mitt Romney as their man. With a pool of voters... Read more »

CPAC Speeches: Contrasting Santorum, Gingrich, Romney

-By Warner Todd Huston CPAC 2012 featured appearances by the three top GOP contenders who came to ask for the support of the conservatives gathered there. First came former Penn. Senator Rick Santorum, then Governor Mitt Romney, and finally former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, all came to sell their ideas and... Read more »

Can't We All Just Get Along? Is All This Primary Fighting Good?

-By Warner Todd Huston The campaign for the GOP nomination is really getting hot in Florida. The hard campaigning has caused a lot of bemoaning over the attacks going on between Mitt Romney, his ads and the ads sponsored by his super PAC, and Newt Gingrich’s own attacks. Everyone is concerned that this mudslinging and... Read more »

So What About that Pre-Florida Republican Debate?

-By Warner Todd Huston Instead of rehashing the whole January 26 Republican debate, I think it would be easier for me to post here all my Tweets from my live tweet of the debate. Some were fun, some serious and at the end I pass my judgment of how well the participants did. Below you’ll... Read more »

All Presidential Petition Challenges in Illinois Over

-By Warner Todd Huston Earlier today I was contacted by the Santorum campaign in Illinois and they let me know that a truce was in the works to put an end to the petition challenges for all of the presidential petitions. Now, it looks like Romney’s petition challenges are withdrawn. According to Cal Skinner, Santorum... Read more »

The Most Superficial Political Analysis Ever: The Candidates Ranked by Their T-Shirt Designs

-By Warner Todd Huston For months, now, we have all been involved up to our ears in policy debates, discussions of the candidate’s records, and general mud slinging in this Republican primary season. There’s more to come, too. So, let’s take time out to be completely shallow, shall we? Let’s judge the six remaining candidates... Read more »