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New Jersey Police Say Blind People Don't Deserve Constitutional Rights

-By Warner Todd Huston Are you a blind person living in New Jersey? Well, according to your police there, they think because you are blind you shouldn’t be allowed to have your Constitutional right to bear arms. This is exactly what they told a Rockaway man over four years ago. But he’s had the last... Read more »

Democrats Playing Politics With Judges Again

-By Warner Todd Huston There was once a time when the courts were considered a place of staid scholarship and considered opinion. Those days have been gone for a long time as decades ago the courts became merely another avenue for Democrats to play politics not to mention a tool with which to install in... Read more »

Democrat's Excuse: When I Sexted Nude Pic of Myself, I Was Set Up

-By Warner Todd Huston Here we go again, another sexting scandal perpetrated by a Democrat. But New Jersey Democrat Louis Magazzu, 53, had a darn good excuse for why his sexting of nude photos of himself should be ignored. He was set up, you see? Isn’t this like a crack addict blaming the crack? Magazzu... Read more »

VIDEO: God Sides With Chris Christie, Lightening Zaps Dem That Threatened to Punch Guv

-By Warner Todd Huston New Jersey’s Senate President is a vile, sort of loud-mouthed kind of cretin. Not long ago, in keeping with the Democrat’s New Tone (™) in politics, Stephen Sweeney threatened to punch Governor Christie “in his head.” Well, apparently God has added his thoughts to Sweeney’s preoccupation with violence… Yep, that was... Read more »