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The Star Wars Cantina Band Song in Rag Time Style

The speed was a bit beyond the skill of the balding fellow, however, it was still fun to listen to and watch.

New Song, Video: Obama Gotta Go

LYRICS: © 2012 Glen Shulfer Obama Gotta Go I been trying not to say anything, but I been waiting for the end of his fling. And I can’t wait to hear the Fat Lady sing. I’m so tired of all the money he spent. And I wonder where the heck it all went. But now... Read more »

Ice-T: Guns the 'Last Form of Defense Against Tyranny'

-By Warner Todd Huston I’ve always wondered how the African American community could possibly support strict gun control considering its past history with government authorities both in our past and modern times. Well, at least one prominent African American, rapper and actor Ice-T, is speaking out in favor of American’s Second Amendment rights. In a... Read more »

Glen Shulfer Music Video: Blame Someone Else

The latest from musician Glen Shulfer… Lyrics © 2012 Glen Shulfer You blame someone else for what you’ve done. You said it’s not your fault for leaving us undone. Oh, but you promised everything…delivered nothing, and blame someone else. No, you can’t blame George Bush, cause it’s been four years ago. And you can’t blame... Read more »

Rock-N-Roller Confronted With Capitalism

-By Warner Todd Huston Jack White recently of the band The White Stripes has realized something important, capitalism works. At least it works when properly approached and with the release of several special vinyl albums he is trying to do it right, much to the consternation of some of his cheapskate fans. As it happens,... Read more »

Madison Rising - The Star Spangled Banner

The band is Madison Rising.

Beach Boys Singer, Another Entertainer Mugged by Reality, Calls Obama 'Socialist A-Hole'

-By Warner Todd Huston Looks like Bruce Johnston, one of the lead singers of the Beach Boys, is another entertainer that has gotten sick and tired of President Obama’s particular brand of class warfare. Johnston, who joined the band in 1965 after troubled founder Brian Wilson faded from the band, was recently filmed reaming Obama... Read more »

Hollywood Reporter Wishes She Had Disease to Stay Skinny?

-By Warner Todd Huston I guess now it’s cool in Hollywood to make light of diseases, illnesses, and allergies. At least it is for one Internet entertainment reporterette who apparently wishes that she had some sort of disease if that disease made her skinny. Seriously, this is the sort of vapidity that makes the denizens... Read more »

OWS Scummery in a Rockin' Tune: I Don't (AKA The Occupier)

I Don’t, a new song by Glen Shulfer, is a sharp critique of the scummery that IS the Occupy Wall Street “movement.” Lyrics I Don’t (AKA The Occupier) © 2012 Glen Shulfer Well, I don’t have to pay for my food and rent cause I get everything from the government. No I don’t. Honey, I... Read more »

VIDEO: Chris Cassone -- 'Take Our Country Back'

-By Warner Todd Huston Aside from all the candidates I interviewed at CPAC 2012, I also ran across singer/song writer, and now author, Chris Cassone. Cassone made a name for himself with a Tea Party song titled Take Our Country Back he wrote and performed back in 2009. And now he has a great new... Read more »