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There is No Republican Party

-By Warner Todd Huston There are a few undeniable facts about this last election. The most important one is that the name “Republican” has been damaged beyond repair. Millions of voters that have in the past voted GOP did not turn out to oust the most un-American, most socialist leaning president in American history.They stayed... Read more »

Roll Call Claims a 'Republican Split' Over Romney Embassy Comments, Offers no Examples

-By Warner Todd Huston Along with the rest of the Old Media establishment, Washington D.C.-based newspaper Roll Call also attacked Mitt Romney for having dared to criticize the Obama administration for its failures in the Middle East after the attacks on our embassies in Egypt and Libya. To push the anti-Romney narrative, Roll Call claimed... Read more »

The Atlantic Criticizes Romney Over Libya, But Mitt Was Talking About Egypt

-By Warner Todd Huston The Atlantic Wire accused Mitt Romney for a “less-than-factual” statement on Libya delivered in the hours after the attacks on our embassy. But in its rush to attack Mitt Romney, The Atlantic Wire got its countries mixed up as the statement it was condemning was Mitt’s statement on Egypt, not one... Read more »

Mountains out of Molehills: The False Attack on Ryan's Mountain Climbing

-By Warner Todd Huston Democrats and their progressive cohorts are now trying to claim that Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan is lying about the number of times he’s hiked Colorado’s mountainsides. Naturally they are garbling the truth. Is there anything these left-wingers won’t try to make into an end-of-the-world outrage? This faux outrage is, indeed,... Read more »

VIDEO: Meet Mitt Romney and Family

This is the touching, well-made film that was shown at the Republican convention last night. It is a great piece to introduce Mitt Romney and family to the country.

Ryanitis: Dowd Loses Her Delicately Balanced Mind in Ryan Fearmongering

-By Warner Todd Huston Usually I don’t write much about wholly meaningless people, but on Saturday, August 18, New York Times screedist Maureen Dowd turned in a particularly unhinged performance that just screams to be discussed. It might also scream that MoDowd’s Ryanitis is at such an advanced case of virulence that she might just... Read more »

Gary Hart Predicts Obama in a Landslide

-By Warner Todd Huston One-time presidential hopeful Gary Hart recently penned a blog post at Huffington Post predicting that if the coming presidential election is decided on “the economy stupid,” it “won’t even be close.” It’ll be Obama/Biden in a landslide. Hart notes, and correctly, that the economy is quite intertwined with foreign policy these... Read more »

VIDEO: Obama/Abortion Supporter Spits in Face of Grandmotherly Romney Supporter in Wisconsin

-By Warner Todd Huston Once again we see an Obama/abortion supporter who cannot keep to a civil debate, this time in Wisconsin where Appleton resident Mary Hogland, 83, tried to interrupt a small, private Romney event. When her outburst was vociferously opposed by the Romney supporters that were actually invited to the gathering, Hogland spat... Read more »

Long After Romney-Killed-My-Wife Ad, Politico Finally Ready to Compare Claims Of Romney and Obama?

-By Warner Todd Huston Now that Mitt Romney has picked Paul Ryan for his running mate, Politico finds itself finally ready to compare the stump claims and campaign ads of the two campaigns. But instead of looking at gutter ads like Obama’s claiming Mitt Romney killed a steel worker’s wife, Politico thinks it’s better to... Read more »

NBC Nightly News: Ignores Republican Delight About VP Pick, Says Ryan Got 'Not So Warm Welcome'

-By Warner Todd Huston On Tuesday’s broadcast of NBC’s Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams and reporter Peter Alexander made to look at Rep. Paul Ryan’s first few days on the hustings as Mitt Romney’s new VP pick. And what did they see? They didn’t see the almost universal praise by conservatives and Republicans alike, no,... Read more »