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CPAC Chicago, Wisconsin Praised, Obama Razed -- Part One: Rick Santorum, Ron Johnson

-By Warner Todd Huston Well, Friday evening, June 8, 2012, we marked the end of the first CPAC event held in Chicago and what a great event it was. The triumph in Wisconsin was on everyone’s mind but so was Obama’s dismal record. Not just dismal, but according to several speakers, even dangerous. The economy... Read more »

CPAC Chicago, Part 2: Richard Mourdock, Chris Christie, Herman Cain

-By Warner Todd Huston In part two of my coverage of CPACs first Midwestern conference event, we will see some of the high spots of the floor speeches of Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie – always a crowd favorite – and the redoubtable Herman Cain. Cain also visited the media... Read more »

Santorum/Romney/Paul: So What Did Iowa Prove?

-By Warner Todd Huston The 2012 Iowa Caucuses are now over and in a nail biting ending the two highest vote getters were separated by only eight votes. So, what did this caucus prove? It proved that organization matters, personal contact matters, and finally big money spent on TV might not matter as much. The... Read more »

Yes Virginia The Internet Does NOT Replace Old Fashioned Politics

-By Warner Todd Huston When Howard Dean became a surprise front runner in the Democrat primary of 2004 doing so on the basis of a strong Internet-based campaign effort, tongues began to wag that the Internet might replace old fashioned retail politics. This time ’round Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich served to get people to... Read more »

Romney, Newt, Bachtorum, Ron Puntsman: Who Cares?

-By Warner Todd Huston Like nearly every conservative in America today I am unimpressed by the current crop of GOP nominees for president and feel they all have major flaws — especially the two frontrunners Newt and Romney, both of whom have major deficits as far as staunch conservatives are concerned. But at this point... Read more »

Three More GOP Hopefuls Calling for Holder's Resignation Over Fast and Furious

-By Warner Todd Huston Last week I noted that not too many of the candidates for the GOP nomination for President had said much about Obama’s murderous Operation Fast and Furious. But since then we’ve gotten two more than Just Bachmann to call for Holder’s resignation. As I mentioned a few days ago, Michelle Bachmann... Read more »

NBC, Jimmy Fallon Call Michele Bachmann 'Lyin' Ass Bitch'

-By Warner Todd Huston Remember when the whole Old Media establishment was aghast at how sexist the treatment of Hillary Clinton was in 2007/08? Then there was much wringing of hands over how rotten it was to mistreat a female Senator and presidential candidate. But apparently that same Old Media finds it hilarious when NBC’s... Read more »

ENOUGH of GOP 'Debates' Where Mediots Show Us How Tough They Are

-By Warner Todd Huston In the upcoming Republican primary I am not voting for Brian Williams, Brett Baier, Scott Pelly, Wolf Blitzer or any other member of the Old Media. I am trying to figure out which Republican nominee for president I might want to support. So why has every so-called debate featured mediots trying... Read more »

Join the First Illinois Presidential Straw Poll

From the Illinois GOP… Vote in-Person Nov. 5 or Online Starting October 29 $5 Minimum Contribution to the Illinois Republican Party Next Saturday, you will have the opportunity to make history. Open to All Illinois Voters – Make Your Voice Heard One Year Before Election Day Other states have straw polls but no one has... Read more »

Herman Cain Leading in Palatine Straw Poll

-By Warner Todd Huston A gathering of Tea Partiers in Palatine, Illinois held a straw poll of 38 attendees and Herman Cain came out on top. The group met to watch Tuesday’s GOP debate. 38 Republican primary voters attended a “viewing party” in Palatine, IL on Oct. 18, 2011 for the Republican presidential candidate debate... Read more »